As a retailer, signage, wide format prints and POS equipment are an essential part of branding. But seasonal POS is just as important.

When Christmas rapidly approaches each year, it’s vital that your retail POS grabs the attention of your customers – and there are more ways to tailor your POS than just a quick tinsel job.

Here are our tips for getting the most out of your seasonal POS this Christmas, and with all the eco options out there, we’re dreaming of a green Christmas!


What’s more festive than bright, colourful lights? We’re not suggesting you have to drag the box of fairy lights from your attic to work with you – quite the opposite.

Light boxes create stunning illuminated POS areas and attract attention to promotions or advertising. They can be built in a variety of different aluminium profiles, depending on whether you’re after a wall-mounted or free-standing product!

By investing in our custom-built light boxes, you can spruce up any of your POS areas with bold, glowing, yuletide equipment that can be fitted with colourful graphics. . It will be difficult for busy Christmas shoppers to miss, and on the bright side, they can be reused for other seasonal periods throughout the year.


Okay, maybe a little bit of tinsel might help your POS this Christmas.

Decoration is just one of the many methods any business should be utilising to share festivities with their customers and attract sales. By adding festive accessories to your POS – for example, tinsel and wire wrapped around items in a window display – you’re adding seasonality to your expert branding. Get creative and step outside of the box. As a great bonus, this is an incredibly sustainable method.

Updating Displays

Although getting creative with an old box of festive decorations can create the perfect seasonal POS, it might also be worth investing in new, updated displays.

At Imageco, we are able to design, print and build unique POS units, working with materials such as MDF, plywood and acrylic, to name a few. These installations can be reused the next year, and the next, and the one after that. Seasonal investments are just as sustainable as the regular stuff, and you’ll want a bespoke design to set you out against your competitors.

We’re now offering sustainable, lightweight Xanita boards, too!

Think Outside of the Box!

Our offerings include bespoke joinery POS. This means we can design and build unique structures tailored to a specific festive image in mind. We even offer a prototype and development service to ensure the final product is spot-on before rolling it out at Christmas!

In addition, there are still other, smaller ways of increasing the seasonality of your POS, such as decoration, light features and moving the displays to specific areas of your store.

Be sure to visit our offerings page to see how our team at Imageco can boost your seasonal POS this year.