Wall wraps give environments a little boost in style and appearance in a simple and effective way.

They’re referred to as wall graphics, wall murals or, sometimes, vinyl wallscapes if you prefer something a little fancier.

Wall wraps are one of our favourite offerings at Imageco because they’re the most fun to create and install.

How are they made? What materials are used?

First and foremost, our skilled designers get to work on incredible designs, patterns, messages or branding. The direction is dependent on your company or institution’s requirements.

Their incredible work is then printed on a variety of medias. This includes:

  • Textures and finishes by Digimura, Coala or Seltex (which are printed onto HPlatex 570 using HP Latex Inks)
  • Vutek G5 3250 LX Ultra Drop Pro or Durst Rho 320 (printed on Berger Saturn Greyback using LED or UV-cured inks) for larger one-piece wall coverings
  • Alternatively, we receive wallpapers from Seltex!
Where do we install wall wraps?

Our team install wall wraps in educational facilities, office spaces and retail areas.

Wall wraps make great POS structures because they have the potential to wow customers. Immersive wall decorations can influence their buying mood because it shows off your visual ideas. It’s also a great tool for branding and increases your dedication to a brand’s aesthetic.

As for office spaces and educational facilities, the right visually-engaging wall print could forge creativity and success!

Wall wraps are a win-win for style and substance.

Are you looking to spice up your workspace with an immersive wall wrap? Give our team a call today to find out more.