Did you know that being in a natural environment can improve memory performance by as much as 20%? So, incorporating nature in our displays makes them even more memorable!

We know all about wide format printing, but flower arrangements not so much, so we needed to bring in an expert to make our floral visions come to life. Introducing Dulcie (or as we like to call her a wizard of floristry), Dulcie runs her own company Dulcie Butterfly which specialises in creating floral arrangements for weddings. We collaborate with her on specialist projects that need a floral infusion.  

She takes part in the process from start to finish, advising us on the best floral solutions to fit the brief and ensures the instalment creates the desired effect. We have worked with Dulcie on so many projects now but the standout one for us was the Kew Gardens project.

Event Branding


A creative agency reached out to create a one of a kind showroom for a launch event on behalf of a leading beauty brand. The event was a collaboration between two companies working alongside each other to produce products with more natural and botanical ingredients. They decided to host the event at Kew Gardens due to the abundance of tropical flowers, so we needed to follow suit and create displays with a botanical theme in mind.  

Prints with pictures of flowers weren’t enough, we wanted to push the boundaries and incorporate both artificial and real flowers to really set the scene. For the showcasing area, Dulcie used cloche displays and test tubes to exhibit a mixture of flowers and greenery. Alongside creating bottle shaped flower arrangements to be dispersed around the event.

However, the 7ft shampoo bottle was definitely the showstopper of the event! The giant structure was created by the production team and to continue the botanical theme, Dulcie incorporated a large assortment of tropical palm leaf’s, ferns and orchids to the bottle, alongside some birds of paradise! It really felt like being in the jungle!

The beautiful flowers arrangements didn’t come without their challenges though. Kew Gardens is home to thousands of types of flowers that have been meticulously chosen, so when we are bringing new flowers into the garden, there are strict regulations. To avoid any contamination to the garden, we had to unload our flowers as close to the building entrance as possible and ensure every last petal was cleared at the end of the event to prevent any cross-contamination. We even brought out the hazmat’s suits.

We love to go above and beyond the brief and are always thinking of new ways to bring the outdoors, indoors. If you want to bring a breath of fresh air into your next project, you know who to call