Antimicrobial Protection

Increased Hygiene Solutions

The Covid-19 Pandemic has meant infection prevention standards must be heightened across all industries. However, implementing such standards can be expensive and resource-heavy. We now offer a unique film that can be applied to surface areas including doors, tables, and workstations to protect against the spread of microbial contamination.

Drytac’s Health Science Partner

We are proud to announce that we are Drytac's first Health Science Partner, to help them launch their innovative new product – Protac AMP, an antimicrobial surface protection film.

This product utilises Microban reservoirs built into the fabric of the solution during the manufacturing process. It becomes part of the intrinsic physical structure of the material at a molecular level and will not wash off or wear away.

These disform the enzymes of bacteria and fungi, to kill them instantly. The technology disrupts the vital life process and biological functions of the bacteria. It has been tested to the highest standard and complies with global safety regulations for use on touch points and surfaces outside of the kitchen.

The Ultimate Healthcare Solution

The Protac AMP Film is a textured polyester protection film incorporating Microban ZPTech antimicrobial protection. With a lifetime span of 15 years, Protac is the most sustainable way of increasing infection prevention control.

This product has been specifically designed to cope with the immense stresses imposed upon it by use within the NHS. Constant usage, day-in and day-out usually leads to wear out, and with the busy cleaning schedule necessary within the health service print has to be ultra-hard-wearing to withstand and remain fully operational and 100% effective.

Other Industries

Beyond healthcare environments, this technology has its uses in customer-facing roles. Small businesses, and chains alike can harness the film to enforce a safer, cleaner atmosphere for their customers. Door handles, trolley handles, basket handles, pay points, light switches, would all benefit from being coated from this innovative film.

To find out more on how it works and how you can incorporate it within your ICU areas please download a fact sheet here. Imageco is happy to host a zoom call with any interested parties on how the technology can be utilised.
NHS Print

NHS Supporters

This continues the trend of supporting the NHS and working with them on their facilities. Last year we were honoured to work with Hospital Art UK, where we collaborated to create touching memorial artwork for two UK NHS trusts, Bradford & Southampton.

Our sails and seabirds tribute was a huge graphic that stretched across the length of the building. It’s 80-meters square of digitally printed vinyl in x20 drops that covered the bulkhead with a sail pattern.

The Tree of Yorkshire Birds was an 8-metre tall copper effect tree, with individual laser-cut alumininium birds that shone in the daylight. It was a touching memorial to organ donors at Bradord Royal Infirmary.

Our passion for the healthcare service knows no bounds, we were very proud to accept the Sign Awards Covid 19 Extra Mile Award. This honours our selfless production team who worked tirelessly to provide free PPE to our healthcare heroes in need.