Antalis at the Visual Merchandising & Display Show


After we produced a showstopping cardboard engineered event stand for Antalis to display at the VM & Display show in 2022, they came to us once again to create their stand for the 2023 event. The Visual Merchandising and Display Show is currently the longest running exhibition for those in the industry, and with our long-lasting relationship with Antalis as both a supplier and client, we wanted to make this year’s stand even better than the last.

The Aim

The aim of the game was to produce an eye-catching display stand that would showcase Antalis’s wide array of print products. Alongside this, they wanted us to investigate how we could use their own products to produce elements of the stand, to really show what their products are capable of. With the event being such a popular date in the industry diary, we needed to focus on ensuring that this stand would stand out from the crowd. Antalis house a great selection of sustainable print materials, so producing a stand that matched their strong sustainability ethos was just as important as creating a design that would blow attendees away.


Carboard Engineering

With our love for the extensive possibilities of cardboard engineering, our success in using it to create last year’s stand and its fantastic sustainability creds, we chose to develop a cardboard engineered stand for their 2023 exhibition. The design of the stand was created by Becca, out Senior Graphic Designer and included heavy attention to detail who worked closely with Claire White at Antalis. This unique project required dedicated collaboration between our team members and with the initial design perfected in-house, the baton was then passed to our Cardboard Engineer.

Carboard Engineering

The Perfect Materials

We worked with Antalis to come up with a colourful, stylish, and eye-catching exhibition stand, that would be made predominantly of Xanita board whilst also showing off a range of other Antalis materials. Xanita board was the perfect material for the job with it being a sustainable fibre board in which the inner core is 100% repulpable, ultra-lightweight, and much stronger than traditional fibre board. All whilst being non-toxic. The strength of this material allowed us to create this exhibition stand in a way which it is recyclable, long-lasting, and reusable. Meaning that Antalis can use the event stand again and again.


To add to the sustainability value of this exhibition stand, we utilised our latest product offering; ExhiBox. One of the main charms of ExhiBox is that it all folds away into an easily transportable box, featuring foldable Xanita walls that can be flat-packed into a perfectly sized box, becoming a literal event stand in a box. ExhiBox's core skeleton has been designed to be rented by businesses. Each wall can be clad with Xanita graphics, which can then be removed so the walls can be utilised over and over again, making ExhiBox an entirely customisable solution that still maintains sustainability at the centre. The rentable and reusable nature of ExhiBox was the perfect solution for Antalis’s 2023 VM & Design Show stand. The main structure for this stand had already been used on a stand earlier this year for Antalis and since has been used a further 2 times.

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A Stand to Remember

The final outcome was another showstopper at the event and Antalis were incredibly happy with the final result. Antalis received endless praise and compliments on the stand throughout the show, and it served as a great example of how exhibitions can be produced sustainably, with maximum impact.