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Here at Imageco, we're green to the core. We are always on the lookout for new, green alternative products that we can offer within our services to help lower both our and our client's impact on the environment. As well as the products listed on this page, we can procure a variety of eco-friendly products to meet different project needs, so if you're looking for something a little different, we're always open to having a chat.

Xanita Board

Xanita Board is one of our favorite products to use, especially within our cardboard engineering projects. The board is an extremely lightweight fibreboard with a repulpable inner.

It is available in a range of different thicknesses, including 6mm, 10mm, and 16mm.

Xanita Board is best suited to projects such as exhibition builds and retail window displays. It is the basis of many of our cardboard engineering projects, and our innovative ExhiBox.

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Fluted Board

Another great sustainable product we use within our cardboard engineering projects is Fluted Board. This material offers an extra boost of structural strength to a build, so is well-suited to POS and POP projects.

Fluted Board is also available in a variety of different thicknesses and finishes.

Cardboard Engineering

Katz Display Board

Katz Display Board is a wood-pulp board created to act as a sustainable alternative to rigid plastics for internal POS and display. Its unique composition leads to excellent flatness and prolonged stability in changing atmospheric conditions. It is fully recyclable in normal waste paper streams. With a unique, all-natural wood pulp board core, the Katz Display Board hangs straighter than alternative signage products for longer periods of time. The sustainable material is also laminated on both sides with a high white, low static liner that makes high-quality printing easier than ever.

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Eco Wall Canvas (UFabrik)

Eco Wall Canvas (UFabrik Textile Eco) is made from 50% PET Bottle Waste & 50% Recycled Polyester. This unique product is an innovative blackout textile designed for ultimate colour reproduction with UV and Latex inks. This is a highly sustainable textile with 100% recyclable afterlife, being REACH and Global Recycled Standard certified.

Use this product for wall coverings in:
-Retail outlets,
-Event spaces,
or indeed anywhere else!

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OceanTex (UFabrik Backlit Textile Eco)

Ocean Tex gives traditional light boxes and TFS frames a fresh twist. Using yarn made from 100% PET bottle waste, Ocean Tex combines the high-quality finish of our backlit textiles with various environmental benefits. Its qualities include:
- Enabling brilliant colour production
-Being crease and wrinkle-free on tension
-It's 100% recyclable
If you’re searching for new sustainable ways to create impact through light and signage, this product is the perfect fit.

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Kavalan PVC-Free Banners

CMYUK's PVC-free Kavalan banner range is a ground-breaking replacement for traditional PVC banners. It contains all the desirable properties of traditional PVC banners such as strength, print quality, and welding ability but is considerably more environmentally responsible. It also weighs 50% less than PVC making it easier to transport.

PVC-Free FIlm

Produced by our supplier CMYUK, the PCV-free film is an ultra-clear polyester film with a unique gel adhesion coating that is easy to apply and remove. It's the perfect solution for quick and high-impact graphics on glass, doors, panels, and any smooth surface.
The projects where it would work best include:
-Window Displays
-Architectural Designs
-Retail Displays

Wall Coverings

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