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We can produce and install a range of innovative exhibition stands for small local events or global exhibitions. Our show-stopping stands are truly unique and are guaranteed to engage any passer-by and give you a competitive edge.


Interactive Exhibitions

Our stands are much more than graphically branded frameworks, they come to life. We can incorporate an array of interactive additions to your stand such as holographic fans, rotating features and free-standing mirrored screens. Making them impossible to miss.

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Sustainable Cardboard Exhibition Stands

Reducing environmental footprints has become a top priority for many businesses and when you consider the eye-watering plastic waste that is associated with conferences, it’s a great place to start implementing more sustainable practices. Our in-house cardboard engineers are able to develop an array of bespoke structures, including exhibition stands, cardboard banners, and even cardboard furniture (and yes, you can use them!). Utilising Xanita board and innovative 3D engineering we can build versatile cardboard exhibition stands that are bound to turn heads.

Cardboard Engineering


ExhiBox: The New Approach to Exhibition Stands

The ExhiBox is a revolutionary sustainable exhibition stand that is made from Xanita, a lightweight and recyclable material. It can be assembled by one person in minutes and comes in various sizes. The walls can be customised with graphics and other elements, making it the perfect product for any trade show or event. It combines the brilliance of bespoke design with sustainable practices, to give you an exhibition stand that can be reused time and time again and eventually even recycled.


The Benefits of Cardboard Exhibition Stands

Implementing cardboard exhibition stands into your event strategy can simultaneously provide a jaw-dropping stand whilst showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Below are just a few reasons why you should switch:

Cardboard-based stands removes the use of plastic and introduces a recyclable alternative.

The structures are durable for reusability, and we can develop interchangeable elements to make sure it’s fit for any occasion.

Cardboard structures are extremely lightweight minimising the carbon footprint of transport

Design is still a priority, cardboard-based stands can still incorporate incredible designs to transform your vision into a reality.

Our ExhiBox design can be transported and built by one person, offering flexibility and removing the need for additional build fees.

Cardboard is the future of impactful, sustainable, and budget-friendly exhibition stands.

Anywhere, Anytime

Events can be extremely stressful, so our nationwide installation team is on-hand to manage the entire logistics, construction and final derig, so you don’t have to lift a finger. You can also forget about the mountain of paperwork, our experts handle everything, from risk assessments to floor plans.

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Inception to Installation

Exhibition Idea

We work in collaboration with our clients to develop unique and quirky plans that are guaranteed to make an impression.

Develop a Standout Stand

Using cutting-edge technology we can cater for the most imaginative designs under strict deadlines.

Event Logistics

Our project managers understand the importance of event deadlines and will take care of the project timeline.

Exhibition Installation

Our experts will install your exhibition framework and run health and safety assessments and technical test on all elements.

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