We're green to the core. We host an extensive range of eco-friendly materials; we use less carbon-intensive production methods and even carbon-offset. Imageco is leading the way in sustainable wide-format printing and we hope to inspire others to follow suit.

We are driving down emissions with our voltage optimisation device that lowers energy output and CO2 emissions by 2700kg per year.
We’ve have teamed up with Forest Carbon to offset the carbon we produce by planting trees. We have already planted over 70 trees as part of the initiative.
We are also proud Finalists of the Digital Printer Awards; Green Company of the Year 2019.
We’re always trying to improve our green credentials with tech. Our HP Latex allows us to produce quality prints whilst reducing our carbon footprint. It addresses a broad spectrum of environmental concerns; from ink chemistry to indoor air quality. In addition, our Efi Vutek printer reduces reprint waste through its colour accuracy and repeatability.
We’ve partnered with like minded companies such as HP and EFI that are helping us reach our sustainable goals when it comes to print. Our waste is managed by Prism who have a zero landfill policy. All of our dibond, acrylic, card and PVC roll waste goes away for recycling. We work with media suppliers to help us source the most sustainable products on the market suitable for many print applications.

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