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At Imageco, we're green to the core. We host an extensive range of eco-friendly materials; we use less carbon-intensive production methods and even carbon-offset. Imageco is leading the way in sustainable wide-format printing and we hope to inspire others to follow suit.

Sustainability Report

We are committed to sustainable change and are always striving for a greener future in the wide format print sector. As an advocate for sustainability, we developed a Sustainability Report to demonstrate our ambitions for the future and how we are dedicating a greater proportion of our work to sustainable products and projects.

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Our Sustainability Accreditations and Certifications

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 14001 is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for an environmental management system.

Designed for any type of organisation, regardless of its activity or sector, it helps to demonstrate our constant dedication to monitoring and reducing our environmental impact. This certification covers standards such as audits, communications, labelling, and life cycle analysis. We received our certification in 2022, but there were several years leading up to this, heavily investing in the refinement of our processes and actions to become more sustainable.

Carbon Reduced Printer Status : CarbonQuota

We have been working with CarbonQuota since 2020 to support our carbon neutrality journey.

CarbonQuota undertakes extensive analysis of our day-to-day operations in order to establish our operational carbon footprint. This footprint is the sum of the absolute carbon emissions associated with our buildings and vehicles.

As described earlier in our Impact Statement, in 2022 we reduced our carbon emissions by 4 tonnes compared to the previous year. This reduction certifies us as a ‘Carbon Reduced Printer’.

We will continue to work on our commitment to maintain this status in 2023 and eventually become carbon neutral.

Cardboard Engineering

To avoid the plastic-based materials that are commonplace in the sector, we have dedicated extensive time and effort to establishing our cardboard engineering services. Our expert engineers can take flat sheets of cardboard and create 3D, bespoke structures to meet any brief. Cardboard engineering is a great alternative for exhibition stands and POS displays, as it can be entirely built from cardboard, durable for reuse, and then able to be recycled at its end of life

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Elevate Events with Exhibox

We are constantly seeking new ways to enhance our sustainable portfolio, and we are fed up with the plastic-heavy materials options available in the exhibition space, so we decided to do something about it. Introducing….Exhibox. Exhibox is a new, sustainable solution to events and exhibition stands. Exhibox uses the principles of cardboard engineering to deliver an eco-friendly, easy-to-assemble, and of course reusable exhibition stand.

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Green Technology

Sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds at Imageco, and it is a huge consideration when looking to implement new technology in our collection. The technology that we use, from our swissQprint Nyala 4 Flatbed printer to our HP Latex 570 are: • Energy-efficient, • Release minimal waste, • Use water-based inks, • And have a nominal carbon footprint

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