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Our combination of print expertise and advanced technology means our print capabilities are endless. We can print any size, onto any material and meet any deadline, whilst always delivering exceptional quality prints.

Go Big, or Go Home

Wide and large format print is a broad sector that encompasses a range of print types. From hoardings making city centres a brand statement piece to interactive exhibition stands that blow attendees away. Essentially, it is a combination of your brand, our creative flair, and a HUGE display space.

Why Imageco?

Our clients depend on us for their wide format print needs for several reasons.

1) We utilise cutting-edge technology like the swissQprint Nyala 4 Flatbed printer to produce exceptional quality prints.
2) We prioritise a sustainable approach, from the materials we use to practices we implement. We look to minimise ours and therefore our client’s environmental footprint.
3) Our print expertise. We are a collective of creative print experts, each team member with their own specialism, so our clients gain valuable advice.
4) We offer a swift service. Our hands-on experts can deliver large-scale projects in rapid turnaround times.
5) Award-winning. Not to blow our own trumpet, but we have won many print awards over the years that signify the excellence of our projects.

From Concept to Conclusion


We collaborate with our clients to create detailed briefs for each project.


Our in-house designers create bespoke graphics or fine-tune your designs.


Our directly-printable capabilities produces photographic quality prints.


We distribute and install graphics nationwide, mounting your time-critical prints seamlessly.


Why Wide Format Print?

As wide format print is so expansive as a sector, it can be applied in practically every industry. We can print any design onto a range of materials and surfaces to bring your creative vision to life.
What we create:
• Signage
• Hoardings
• Wall Coverings
• Retail POS
• Exhibition Stands
• Window Displays
• Banners

What We Creae

Sustainable Wide Format Print

Sustainable practices are quickly becoming a must for all industries. Whether you are looking to revamp your store’s seasonal POS or exhibiting at a global conference, we can support you in creating sustainably orientated print displays that fit in line with your ESG targets, while outwardly demonstrating your commitment to change.

Our Sustainable Products

Architectural Vinyl


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