Sustainable Interiors


Sustainable Interiors

Introducing Green Spaces To Your Environment

Green Spaces is a concept developed by our team, which focuses on creating a natural environment within your interior space. Revitalise your staff room, retail store, production line, event space, or co-working hub with a brand-new look and embrace sustainable interiors.

We think these places are vital to maintaining healthy wellbeing and positive mental health.

Convert your office into a vibrant, creative expression that utilises sustainable print materials.

Eco Friendly Interiors.

Bring the Outside In

How to create a green space!

Creating a green space is easy, simply let us do it for you! Our in-house designers will work with you to create the perfect design for your interior space.

Naturally Architectured.

Eco Wall Canvas

This product takes ocean bound plastic bottles and recycles them into a stunning visual solution – For purchasing this product, we double down on your sustainability effort by planting trees in your name making it the perfect material for your sustainable interiors! 

We recommend using this product for; wall coverings and wallpaper and stretch canvas graphics. Available up to 3100mm we can cover your walls seamlessly. 

This textile is recyclable made from 100% recycled PET yarn. Flame protection: DIN-4102 B1. Dirt repellent and scrub resistant coating to DIN EN 12956. 

Ocean Backlit Textile ECO FR

This innovative backlit textile is also produced from 100% recycled PET plastic bottle waste. Manufactured to the highest standards ensuring stunning backlit and frontlit applications, it is top coated for use with UV, latex and solvent inks, which ensures brilliant colour reproduction. 

Window Tex 

This self-adhesive window print is repositionable, and removable without leaving any residue or damage to the surface. We recommend using this to create privacy and seclusion for your space when developing your sustainable interiors, without blocking out natural light.

We have an extensive list of featured products available, all with outstanding eco-credentials for a whole range of applications.


Akustico is a unique, certified sound absorption textile made from 100% woven polyester. It is crease-resistant and offers an incredibly high defence against abrasion.

Applications include: acoustic fabrics, art reproduction, display system, exhibitions, stage/ show/ events, stretch ceilings, theatre, upholstery fabric and visual merchandising.

Interior Décor Products

When renovating your inside spaces, let your creativity shine through. We have countless wall covering options to choose from when designing your interior décor. These range from;

- Leather

- Concrete

- Plaster

- Sand

And many more!

Our team can help you decide how you could integrate these options into your interior space to create a stunning working environment.

Get in touch.

Introducing the HP latex 800W

Imageco are one of the first wide-format print companies in the UK to install the ground-breaking HP Latex 800W. The printer being partly made from recycled plastic is one of the most sustainable wide-format machines currently on the market.

This innovative new technology uses water-based inks, rather than traditional, potentially harmful alternatives. This new printing solution gives us the ability to provide wall coverings that omit zero harmful chemicals and aromas. It’s so safe, and pollutant free that we use it in children’s wards in hospitals or retail environments.

HP are absolute eco-warriors; they even help recycle used ink cartridges and discarded print media to be upcycled into new products.


Bring a little bit of the great outdoors inside.

The Tree Planting Mission 

It feels good to do good, that’s why we are behind planting trees to support our favourite sustainable products. It’s also why it feels so good to use our recycled bottle material and have trees planted in your name!

We have started a tree planting initiative in the Yorkshire Dales with our tree planting partners, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust; our target for this year is 500 trees. For every 10m2 of wallpaper we print, we will plant 1 tree. Not only will your environment look cool but you will do your bit for the planet too.

Give a gift that keeps on growing. Plant a tree.

Green Spaces

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