Architectural Vinyl

Redesign your Space


Our Architectural Vinyl portfolio comprises of hundreds of patterns including metallics, fabrics, wood, leather, carbon and single colour finishes. The range of finishes are so versatile and they allow you to transform a space in a few hours rather than days.

Transforming Spaces

Every surface becomes a potential project to redesign a space. Our Architectural Finishes work on ceilings, walls, facades, doors and columns. As well as bars, counters, cupboards, lifts and partitions. They’re great for use in department stores, offices, restaurants, lobbies and bathrooms.

Creative Expertise

Our experienced graphic designers bring their artistic flair to deliver unique designs that push creative boundaries. Whether it is an office space or a hospitality environment, it’s crucial that your interior reflects the aesthetic you are looking to portray. Our designers will collaboratively work with your team to develop a concept, then from there build out mood boards and initial designs. The final result will be photogenic-standard impactful prints that will transform your interior space.

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Sustainable Interiors

Aside from our extensive range of finishes, we are able to utilise architectural vinyl to bring the outside, in. Green spaces is a concept focused on creating a natural environment in your interior space. Architectural vinyl is a versatile way to add a touch of green to your space. To achieve this, our in-house graphic designers can help you develop a unique design or source imagery that reflects nature.

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Installing Architectural Vinyl

Our team of installers are trained to the highest standards and are experts in installing vinyls. Our project managers can offer advice on materials and guide you through your project no matter how big or small. Architectural Vinyl is cheaper and faster to install compared to traditional remodeling. There is also minimal preparation and they’re easier to repair, alongside being fire resistant’ with IMO certification for peace of mind.

From Start to Finish


Our designers can offer advice on the best materials to use and guide you through your project no matter the size.


Our cutting-edge technology means we can bring all your interior designs to life.


Application of our architectural products can be done in situ, meaning modifications to surface designs in intricate environments can be done with minimal disruption.


We will ensure an easy, effortless and ultra-fast vinyl installation process.

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We have the full range of samples to view in our portfolio books.


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