A Sustainable Exhibition Stand Solution



Introducing... ExhiBox

A new, sustainable solution to events and exhibition stands.

At Imageco, we decided that the plastic-heavy, tricky to recycle and not to mention, tricky to assemble exhibition stands currently on the market weren't doing justice to our planet. So our team got to work on developing a new solution that would combine eye-catching design with clever structural engineering.

The Solution

ExhiBox is:

- Eco-friendly
- Easy to assemble
- Easy to transport
- Affordable
- Customisable
- Rentable
- Reusable

Making it not only a brilliant sustainable solution, but also much easier to use and transport than other exhibition stands.

Making event stands sustainable with ExhiBox


Exhibiting Sustainability with Xanita

For a sustainable stand, Xanita board was the obvious material of choice.

Xanita is a sustainable fibre board with an inner core that is 100% repulpable, ultra-lightweight, and much stronger than traditional fibre board.

The strength of Xanita Board means that you can rest assured that your exhibition stand it structurally sound, whilst the lightweight properties allow a single team member to be able to manoeuvre and assemble the stand.

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Structurally Engineered

One of the main charms of ExhiBox is that it all folds away into an easily transportable box, and to achieve this we drew inspiration from our many Cardboard Engineering projects.

ExhiBox features foldable Xanita walls that can be flat-packed into a perfectly sized box, becoming a literal event stand in a box.

Cardboard Engineering



We know that bespoke exhibition and events stands can run up some high costs. And that's where ExhiBox steps in.

ExhiBox's core skeleton has been designed to be rented by businesses. Each wall can be clad with Xanita graphics, which can then be removed so the walls can be utilised over and over again, making ExhiBox an entirely customisable solution that still maintains sustainability at the centre.

The size possibilities are endless with ExhiBox, and a wide range of bespoke elements can be incorporated to create a customised stand. Think of it like a huge set of LEGO® blocks that slot together to form your perfect sustainable events solution.

Graphic Design

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