Sustainable Solutions

Cardboard Engineering


A great sustainable addition to our print portfolio is cardboard engineering. Our engineer can take flat sheets of cardboard and create 3D, bespoke structures to meet almost any design brief. From simple projects to show-stopping exhibition stands and POS displays. Our specialist enables us to develop multi-faceted structures from initial concept design to unique free-standing structures. Cardboard engineering can elevate your next project.

A Sustainable Solution

Cardboard remains a high-quality material after recycling and therefore can be utilised multiple times, making it a great option for a more eco-friendly focussed project. Structures created by our cardboard engineer will be designed in a way where they can be built entirely from cardboard, with no other adhesives needed, meaning structures can be fully recycled at the end of use. We can build using Xanita, an extremely lightweight fibreboard with a repulpable inner or for POS, we can utilise fluted card to offer extra structural strength to your project.

Imageco's Abilities

Our design team and cardboard engineer have the expertise to develop bespoke structures, including:

⚫️ POS
⚫️ Exhibition stands
⚫️ Props
⚫️ Furniture
⚫️ Short run packaging

Through the use of computer aided design, we are able to breathe life into 2D designs to elevate your next project.

From Start to Finish


We will work alongside you to develop detailed briefs for new projects.


Our in-house designers can create bespoke designs developed from your brief.

3D Engineering

Our cardboard engineer will work with the design team to ensure the design can be built correctly.

Build & Install

We and distribute, build and install projects nationwide, ensuring each step from design to install runs seamlessly.

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