Victoria Primary

Crafting Beautiful Education with Custom Wallpaper

Victoria Primary

We were thrilled to be contacted by Beautiful Education earlier this year with an important project to enhance several wall spaces within Victoria Primary School.

We have been working with Beautiful Education for some time now on various education projects, Sarah Horsbrough set up the business to help schools deliver all aspects of their vision and aims, helping them to enhance their team, their curriculum, their building and their environment. The driver for this new venture was because Sarah believes ‘Education is, and always should be, a beautiful thing’.

The Aim

The aim of this project was the elevate the appearance of the school through wallpaper and create a space where everyone, from students to teachers, felt joy to be inside and which cultivated creativity.

We were shown three areas of the school that had blank, white walls that Beautiful Education wanted to be brought to life by vibrant hand-drawn illustrations from a children's artist alongside our technical abilities when it comes to custom wallpaper.

Collaboration with Children's Artists

An important objective of this project was to work with a children's artist to illustrate the design featured on the custom wallpaper. We decided to contact Danny Deeptown, professional children’s illustrator to create beautiful illustrations for the school that would appeal to the children.

Danny Deeptown

First Steps

We first surveyed the areas in the school taking precise measurements. One area in particular had to be measured with a high level of precision with it being over 8m long and 3.2m high and even included a projector wall set right in the centre. We then provided Beautiful Education with the measurements of the spaces where we would be installing the custom wallpaper so that illustrator, Danny Deeptown, could curate a beautiful design that would fit within.

Green Wallpaper Solutions

At Imageco, we always aim to provide sustainable print solutions and have a wide range of sustainable materials for several applications including alternatives for wallpaper.

The wallpaper for the Victoria Primary School project was printed as one piece on our Eco Wall canvas wallpaper, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. In addition to being made from more sustainable materials, we also plant a tree per 10m2 of wallpaper sold, meaning that for this project, 5 trees were planted with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust.

Learn more about our work on sustainable print

End-to-End Wallpaper

Our service of project management and full in-house production coupled with the sustainability credentials make us a unique contender in our field.

Sustainability is core to Beautiful Education’s ethics in their business, and they are helping to transform the sustainability values of the schools they work in, making Imageco the perfect partner for their projects.

Our wall coverings services

The Outcome

The installation team had to be very accurate when it came to applying the graphics, especially within the awkwardly shaped areas of the school. But our wallpaper expertise alongside Danny’s stunning illustrative graphics we added beautiful colour to previously dull and uninspiring spaces. The illustrations were incredibly unique and actually depicted a story about the school, adding a real personal touch to the revamp. Beautiful Education, Victoria Primary and the children within it were all delighted with the outcome of the project.
“I was keen to continue to work with Imageco on this project for a number of reasons. The first of these is the quality of finish that always results when completing any install whether that has been internally or externally. Some of the spaces are extremely challenging in school buildings which are often old and wonky!

Secondly the sustainability vision of Imageco is a huge factor me in choosing to work with them as it aligns with the values of Beautiful Education and their message to schools brilliantly.

A final factor is that Imageco is local to many of the schools we work with, not only minimising a carbon footprint, but showcasing to the children we impact the great work going on right on their doorstep.”
Sarah Horsbrough, Founder, Beautiful Education