Greyhound Box

Creating a Collaborative Workspace for Greyhound Box

Greyhound Box

Our next-door neighbours Greyhound Box, a Leeds-based manufacturer and supplier of corrugated cases, approached us about an exciting project to liven up some of their workspaces. The company works across a range of industries, from FMCG to textiles and furnishings. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with one of our neighbours on a project, so we jumped straight in.

The Aim

Greyhound Box were looking to create a welcoming and calming work environment for their employees. The brief included a revamp of the interiors in their boardroom, their upstairs office and their new zen room. Greyhound Box pledges to heavily invest in their staff. Their wellbeing strategy focuses on creating a safe and positive environment based on trust and encompassing the company values. With an aim to increase mental health awareness and reduce the stigma around it, supported by the introduction of their Wellbeing Programme, perfect interiors for their staff zen room were a must.

Sustainability at the Centre

Greyhound Box are committed to incorporating sustainable practices into every area of their business and collaborating with suppliers and clients that share their eco-friendly ethos. They needed a print partner for this job that would not only create the perfect workspace for their employees, but also applies eco-friendly materials to accomplish the project. With our wide array of sustainable materials and print processes, we were the perfect partner for the project. And as an extra bonus, when the brief for this project came in, we had recently introduced DESCOR® into our range of products.

Overcoming Challenges

The spaces at Greyhound Box were tricky to navigate from a print point of view. Obstacles such as windows and ridges on the walls were causing a whole host of obstructions that needed to be considered in the wallpaper design. With an overall desire for simplicity in the interiors space from the client, we needed to navigate how we could ensure that this didn’t detract from the overall look and feel of the rooms.

Draped in DESCOR®

Nathan and Ed had recently undergone training in Düsseldorf at the PONGS training centre for the DESCOR® wallpaper systems. The use of these materials opens up a whole new world for us when it comes to custom wallpaper and ceiling coverings. From soundproofing for reverberation and acoustic control to antibacterial coatings for use in clinical, beauty, health and education settings. We decided that DESCOR® was the perfect solution to decorate Greyhound Box’s workspace with minimal need for any wall preparation. The system required a track to be placed along the perimeter of the walls we were looking to cover in graphics. This works by tapping in fabric to the track, meaning the fabric requires no additional finishing prior to install. This also meant any areas that weren’t suitable for graphics could be covered by the fabric.

Collaboration in Workplace Interiors

As usual, this project was a team effort. Our MD Nathan through his exceptional client relationships, our designer Becca designing the look and feel of the spaces, Eddi our ops manager and his technical ability and knowledge on install, Sam our print manager helping on the install, plus all the others in the print and production team. A classic Imageco collab job! 

The Outcome

The outcome looked great, even better than we had hoped as this install was the first of its kind for us. We knew the potential of the DESCOR® system as we had seen it throughout our training, but this was the first opportunity to put it to the test. The client was as delighted with the outcome as we were. The whole interiors project was a great example of how we differ from others in the industry. From our very talented in-house designer, Becca producing the designs, to our fully trained in-house install team, we were able to execute the project to perfection.

“As fellow Beza Road residents, it’s been a pleasure to work with Imageco on our latest office refurbishment. Their expert designs and high-quality materials have allowed us to transform our office space into something that truly reflects our brand.” - Louise O’Brien, Managing Director at Greyhound Box