Cruising Exhibitions with Sustainable Stands


Antalis is one of our longest-standing suppliers of sustainable materials with their leading range of over 10,500 products. they approached us with a project that aimed to demonstrate their impressive range of materials at the Cruise Ship Interiors event in London by using a sustainable exhibition stand. With our ExhiBox design in tow, we were eager to get creating. By delivering a combination of creative expertise and 3D design, we were able to take the whole project from completion to installation.

Sailing Through the Brief

The team at Antalis wanted an exhibition stand that would not only wow the attendees at the Cruise Ship Interiors event in London, but also represent their sustainable values. The stand had to showcase their portfolio of cruise ship interior materials in an engaging and tactile way to event attendees. With our past work with them including an exhibition stand at the VM & Display Show and a feat of cardboard engineering for their “sustainable street” exhibition stand, we know we had some big shoes to fill. However, after a consultation with the team, we set to work designing creative for a sustainable exhibition stand design that would bring their vision to life.

Sustainable Exhibition Stands with ExhiBox

Immediately after looking at the brief, we knew this was the perfect project for our ExhiBox product. ExhiBox is a distinctive, eco-friendly exhibition stand shell crafted from Xanita board. Xanita, a sustainable fibreboard with a 100% repulpable inner core, offers unparalleled qualities: it is ultra-lightweight yet stronger than conventional fibreboard. This structural integrity ensures it can be used for multiple shows, while its lightweight nature facilitates easy manoeuvring and assembly, even allowing for efficient flat packing at the end of the events. Since this project, the ExhiBox Antalis shell has now been used an incredible 8 times.

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Engaging Exhibition Stands Through Bespoke Design

In a busy exhibition space, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. That’s why the team at Antalis chose a bespoke design to stage their range of cruise ship interior materials. One of the primary ways we incorporated the tactile nature of Antalis’ sustainable materials was to take their samples out of the traditional sample book and hang them on the main wall of the exhibition stand using wooden dowels. This not only gave the stand a pop of colour, but also allowed attendees to easily touch and handle the materials that would soon grace their cruise ships.

Bespoke Design with Imageco

In addition to this, the overall design of the stand mimicked the luxurious lobby of a cruise ship. With an interesting window compiled of Antalis’s transparent options cut into an art deco design, and shelves holding conveniently placed sales literature, the exhibition stand easily allowed attendees to flow through and enjoy Antalis’s wide product offerings. To ensure all potential customers were aware of the sustainable side of Antalis’s amazing materials, each wall featured descriptive content that was clearly placed in the attendee’s eyeline. Giving a lasting impression to all those who entered the space.

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