Forever Heroes Memorial Art

Something to Commemorate

Opposite the spinning helix artwork we had previously collaborated on, Hospital Art Studio designed an artwork that could be used to commemorate those who have donated organs and tissue to medical research and those in need of transplants. Hospital Art Studio again came to us for a solution on how we could produce and install the artwork.

Big Ideas

Imageco came up with a stylish solution to display and commemorate the names of all the organ and tissue donors. It was decided that four boards would be created and each of the four 1200x1200mm hero boards would have a different design to stand out individually. The designs were printed onto two pieces of 3mm ACM, zund cut to shape and bonded together, creating a beautiful dimensional look to the boards.

The hero name tags were reversed printed onto 10mm clear acrylic, individually zund cut to shape with polished edges which could be affixed into the apertures in the ACM. The front piece of each board was reversed printed onto clear acrylic, again lifting the design of the board to appear dimensional. The boards were fixed to the wall with two tier barrel mounts, each powder coated to match the board design, creating a flawless finish.

A Hero Finish

The end result was another striking area in which people selfless acts could be properly memorialised for all to see. Not every name space has yet been filled as the idea was for spaces to be left in order to leave room for future names of those who have donated to be added to the memory. They absolutely loved it.

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