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Community Spirit Set In Signage

Who is Kentmere Community Centre

“We are Seacroft” is a collective of community residents and groups who share a passion for creating a well-connected local network within the Seacroft area of Leeds. With the aim of uplifting the Kentmere Community Centre for the use future generations, we were asked by team at Hospital Art studio to collaborate on an eye-catching outdoor wide-format print sign that would create a long-lasting impact on the area.


The Signage Brief

The main aim of this project was to create large-scale decorative exterior signage that would span the entirety of the outdoor chimney and wall of the Kentmere Community Centre. With a need for the signage to be able to battle the elements of the British weather and the potential risk of vandalism, while inspiring those who enter the doors with a creative design, we knew that we would need to pull out all the stops. This project was commissioned by Leeds Community Spaces with support from a Play Spaces grant, and done in collaboration with Hospital Art Studio.

A Collaborative Experience

We recently collaborated with the team at HVDB studio to create this amazing piece of exterior signage. They reached out to us to help bring their design to life. Their design incorporated the original colours featured in the “We are Seacroft” logo into the Kentmere Community Centre mural, integrating their vibrancy with icons representing the diverse community and the array of activities seen within its walls. With a busy array of art supplies, food items, and active figures, the design presents a showstopping feature for their well-loved building.

HVDB Studio

An Explosion of Colour with swissQprint

After seeing the spectacular design created by HVDB studio, we knew that only one machine was up to the challenge… our brand new swissQprint Nyala 4 Flatbed printer. Our swissQprint Nyala 4 Flatbed printer combines multifunctionality with efficiency to create some of the highest quality and vibrant prints on the market. Through the use of printed white ink on grey traffic-grade ACM (aluminium composite material), we were able to translate the smooth gradients seen on the design into print form, creating dimension and interest amongst the spill of vivid colours.

Our swissQprint Flatbed Printer

Futureproofing the Design for the Kentmere Community Centre

To ensure that the mural signage will be enjoyed for generations to come, the vibrancy of the design needed be able to endure the elements. The use of traffic-grade ACM material not only ensured both the longevity and quality of the signage, but its sturdy foundation allowed for us to incorporate an anti-graffiti protective layer that will shield the design. This product is laminated onto signage using our specialised printers and can be used on a wide range of designs.

Translating Community Spirit to Signage

The Kentmere Community Centre exterior signage now stands proudly over the local community, inspiring creativity and joy in all those who walk through the doors. Through teamwork and expertise, this sentiment will continue for generations to come. If you’re looking to commission large-scale exterior signage, get in touch with our team today and make your vision a reality.

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