Wallpaper graphics brings Laisterdyke's academic values to life


In September 2018, the Imageco team was contacted by Laisterdyke Leadership Academy, an educational facility in Bradford. The faculty were looking for a helping hand designing and installing some brand-spanking new indoor graphics and, in turn, sprucing-up their hallways and entrances. The project was insane from start to finish. We smashed the work out in 8 days, making sure the new graphics were installed in time for the Year 6 open night. The lights were on late at Imageco HQ for this one!

A bold installation

Josh Pratt, our Sales and Projects guy, gathered up our fitting and design team to brainstorm a plan of action. At the site survey, the team highlighted key areas for change, discussed different artwork ideas and worked out which print methods would be most functional, reliable and impactful. We determined that a bold installation was needed to improve core zones throughout the school, make it easier to navigate and to impose some of the academy’s values onto the walls. Josh and the team came up with a unique artistic direction, designed from scratch, utilising 17 different elements and over 110m2 of graphics. The project would also need a huge amount of rigid materials that would last for years and withstand wear and tear: - Polycrill—a printed display textile similar to wallpaper - Aluminium composite material (ACM) board (a lightweight panel material) with an anti-scratch laminate on top (a laminate designed to resist scuffs and scratches)

Wall Graphics

8 days later

The following Wednesday evening, at around midnight, our team finally completed the installation in time for Thursday’s open day. We designed “Welcome” graphics for department hallways to let visitors know their current location within the academy; we installed hanging banners decorated with international flags; and we implemented a number of bright, bold inspirational wall prints to engage and encourage students. Job’s a good’un.

Nationwide Installation

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