Halston Group

Turning an Office Space from Grey to Green

Halston Group

Last year, we were approached by our friends at Halston Group, a Leeds-based marketing agency, about an exciting project to re-design their new office space interior in Chapel Allerton. Halston Group is the umbrella company which houses Halston B2B, Tech Origin, Mercury and Sustainability Partnerships. They have years of experience in heavy, technical and sustainable industries – making us the perfect partner with our mirrored morals on sustainability. With their new office space, they were looking for something completely unique to them and what they stand for as a business.

The Aim

When Halston Group moved in, although their new office was enormous compared to their old HQ, the space felt dull and uninspiring. And as a growing team, they were ready for a proper office – full of their branding and reminders of their company pillars. The office re-design aimed to make it feel more like home and add life to the bigger space. Our expertise in all things bright, beautiful, and bespoke wall graphics made us the obvious choice for the job.


Preparing for Wall Graphics

The first step was to gather floorplans for each space to understand what was possible. Halston Group decided to redecorate different areas of the office in the theme of each of their brands. We then came to take some additional measurements so we could get the exact dimensions. All the designs were created by Halston Group's in-house creative team so that the office truly felt like their own. After the designs were finalised on their end, they sent them to us so we could work our magic on making sure the dimensions and exports were all up to scratch, and then we got to printing! On this project were our Managing Director, Nathan, Project Manager, Jonathan Stanneforth and our installation crew.

The Perfect Products

The wall spaces around the new Halston Group office were perfect for our one-piece sustainable wall graphic, the Eco Wall Canvas. This product takes ocean-bound bottles and recycles them into stunning visual solutions. The Eco Wall Canvas paper is made from 80% recycled PET yarn. We knew Halston Group would love the sustainability aspect of this product. When it comes to office rebrands and enhancing office spaces, the Eco Wall Canvas proves to be highly valuable. Its exceptional durability and hard-wearing plastic composition ensure a consistently fresh appearance, maintaining its aesthetic appeal day after day. By opting for this material, businesses can effectively keep costs down and avoid the hassle of frequent replacements, making it an ideal choice for refreshing office spaces. Rolls of wallpaper often create flaws in beautifully made designs. With us being experts in wide format print, we were able to print the custom wallpaper graphics as one entire piece, perfectly matching up the walls in their office.

Eco Wall Canvas

Reception Area

The Halston Group brand is represented in the reception area – the first part of the office you see. We created an acrylic printed Halston Group logo, a custom neon sign and an ‘industrial’ print on the wall to really go in line with the Halston Group gritty brand. We also printed their Mercury brand in a 4m x 3m Eco Wall Canvas Paper on the other side of the break wall in the reception area.

Our Wall Covering Services


The boardroom is home to the Halston B2B brand. This has an Eco Wall Canvas Paper print of mountains covering the entire back wall with our one-piece covering and prints of their custom-designed split circles to fill some of the blank spaces on the other walls. The Halston B2B logo is printed on acrylic, and we fixed a clear acrylic board on the back wall acting as a ‘whiteboard’ for their brainstorming sessions. The Sustainability Partnerships brand lives in their secondary meeting room. This room is filled with greenery to represent the Sustainability Partnerships brand. On the wall, the Sustainability Partnerships logo is printed on Eco Wall Canvas.

Around the Office

On the back walls of the office we installed full wall-to-wall Eco Wall Canvas Paper prints of the brand logo and their tagline ‘think limitless’. We also printed their company pillars around the sides of their office above the staff desks with reminders of the goals they are collaboratively working towards. We plant 1 tree per 10m2 of our Eco Wall Canvas sold with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust meaning the whole office rebrand contributed to the planting of 5 trees!

Need to Refresh your Office Space?

The Outcome

From the initial survey to the final process, the whole project ran really smoothly and was completed in roughly 4 weeks. Our sustainable wallpaper graphics expertise and seamless installation from our team meant their grey office could be transformed into a vibrant space with a green edge. The whole Halston team were over the moon with the outcome of the entire office fit-out and how it represented all their brands, and so were we! It met every expectation we had for the job.
“We’re used to producing content that raves about Imageco’s work for their clients, so it’s been a really cool process to become a client ourselves! Synchronising the move to a larger office with a full-blown brand refresh means we’re now working from an environment that totally reflects the energy of our brand's four main initiatives. We needed a space for our growing team, and the overall office really reflects just how far we've come in the last (almost) 6 years. But seeing it all come together during the installation was a very proud moment for me.”  Antonia Gifford, Group Creative Lead at Halston Group