The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

Commemorative Outdoor Installation at The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary

The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary is a redeveloped modern District Hospital located in Wigan, UK. With 513 beds and a state-of-the-art organ transplant unit, they approached our partners at Hospital Art Studio, to design a touching memorial for their organ donors who had given others a new lease on life. With the use of a bespoke design paired with mild steel, we crafted them an outdoor installation in the shape of an arched structure that would allow the donors family to remember their loved ones.

Using Symbolism within Bespoke Design

After consultation with The Royal Albert Edward Infirmary, the team knew that we would need to incorporate symbolism into the creative design of their archway. With the brief stating that the sculpture should serve as a beautiful place for the families of donors to visit once their loved ones had passed, no simple structure would do. Collaborating with our friends at Hospital Art Studio, who designed the sculpture and provided scale artwork for the archway and flowers, we created detailed technical specification drawings that we used to laser cut and construct the archway. Traditionally symbolising remembrance, forget-me-not flowers, along with the profound concept of metamorphosis embodied by butterflies, elegantly captured the transformative journey experiences by both organ donors and recipients.

Outdoor Installation Amongst Nature

Composed of intertwined shimmering foliage, vibrant butterflies, and larger-than-life forget-me-not's crafted from stainless steel. Its grand scale serves as a welcoming beacon at the hospital’s garden entrance. Inviting visitors to venture beneath its archway to read the information plaque and reflect on the significance of organ donation whilst sitting on the bespoke bench.  On top of crafting the symbolic outdoor installation, we also crafted unique forget-me-not mementos that replicated the flowers featured on the archway. These cherished keepsakes were crafted from the same lightweight steel as the archway and were given to the organ donors families during the unveiling ceremony. Serving as a lasting tribute to their loved ones.

Making Use of Our Nation-Wide Installation

After our team had transformed the renders into a striking design made of mild steel, it was then time to assemble to install the archway. Due to the intricacy of the design, the creation and installation process took a longer than average time to complete, but due to the emotional intensity of the project’s origins, we wanted to ensure everything was perfect. Thanks to our highly skilled CAD Engineer Matthew, and Project Manager David, we were able to fit together the hundreds of individual pieces to create the archway within the hospitals main garden. Ensuring that the installation would stand the test of time in spite of the British Weather.
“The forget-me-not archway is now a key part of the hospitals entrance walkway garden and serves an important role in remembering those who have given an amazing sacrifice to a stranger. Hospital Art studio are proud to work closely with Imageco, their attention to detail and quality workmanship is amazing... truly a one of a kind.” Tony van de Bospoort, Director, Hospital Art Studio

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