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Pie Factory X Capital One Exhibition Stand

Pie Factory

Making a good impression

After hearing about the success of the Sustainable Street cardboard engineered event stand we created for Antalis, we were approached by PIE Factory, the world’s first positive impact experiential agency, who were looking for a similar solution for their client, Capital One.

A B-Corp and 1% for the Planet member, PIE Factory creates experiences that use the power of events to help shape a better world, and we were delighted to have been chosen to bring this project to life.

The Aim

PIE Factory came to us with a visual design brief of an 8x4meter greenhouse which needed to be built in such a way that it was sustainable, recyclable, and ideally reusable. We needed to enlist our cardboard engineer to develop structural designs appropriate for the stand design we were provided with and chose materials that would stand the test of time whilst also hitting those green requirements.

On top of all of this, we only had a tight deadline to turn around the work, but as always, we were up for the challenge.

Green Materials

After such an amazing result in using Antalis’ Xanita board for our last cardboard engineered events stand, there really was an easy decision to be made when it came to choosing what materials to use for this project. As well as looking amazing, Xanita board is a sustainable fibre board which is ultra-lightweight, stronger than traditional fibre board and also 100% repulpable. Giving it all the properties we needed to build a sustainable yet reusable stand.

The Challenge at Hand

Time was tight on this project, meaning there was little room for error. Not to mention that, with four TV screens being needed inside the stand as well as it requiring the capability to support 65 festoon lights that were being draped over the gables of the roof structure. We required every ounce of our cardboard engineer's expertise on this one. Luckily, we hired the best of the best for our cardboard engineering team, meaning that the structural aspect of the stand was executed to perfection.

The finishing touches

A strong sustainability message requires attention to the most granular details within these projects. PIE Factory wanted to make sure that they were partnering with only like-minded companies for this project, hence them choosing a print partner with a sustainability ethos as strong as our own. But they didn’t stop there. The plants and furniture for the stand were sourced locally and hired rather than being bought and wasted. The lights used were also low voltage LED bulbs and the carbon output involved in the delivery and install of the stand components were offset using Gold-standard carbon credits.

The final outcome

A collaborative approach between ourselves and PIE Factory within the graphic design, cardboard engineering, project management and installation teams allowed us to craft a stunning, highly creative solution for our client. PIE Factory were delighted with the outcome, and so were we.

Our managing director, Nathan, oversaw the entire project from start to finish to ensure everything ran smoothly and was nothing less than perfection.
The knowledge and support that Nathan and the Imageco team brought to this project were excellent; not only was the Xanita board construction highly considered, but the entire process was also smooth, efficient and adaptable within a tight turnaround Eloise Clarke

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