Retail Rollout

Climbing The North Face

Retail Rollout

The North Face is one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. We had to do this retail giant justice, and that we did.

Rewind to 2018, we were tasked with representing the new Apex Flex and Thermoball range in one of our biggest jobs to date, our client not only wanted us to print and build the bespoke retail material, but they wanted it in a lightning fast timeframe. They also wanted us to go international and deliver to 3 European countries, Germany, Italy and Spain. That didn’t faze us, home or away, nothing can stop us.

Building a Brand!

This job contained an extensive mix of bespoke retail material, print and window displays. The window displays were made using recycled Foamex with frosted acrylic, and block out fabric supported by a tubular aluminium frame. This was chosen to provide an ultra-lightweight option that required no additional support.

The detailed and carefully designed retail display was made using a birch plywood frame, printed on green cast acrylic and powder coated steel. Combined to create a lightweight yet strengthened offering. While the POS solutions made further use of the recycled Foamex and additionally, sprayed MDF blocks. Visit our website for more examples of similar retail solutions.

Retail Display & POS

Just like Clockwork

Being a high-profile brand, we know there was no time for error. To ensure this one kept ticking our Managing Director, Nathan Swinson-Bullough took personal control of the project, and with help from Jonathan Staniforth on the logistics planning and Edward Hillam, the Print Production Manager, we kept to the uber strict time schedule.

With help from our state-of-the-art print and cut systems, like the Efi Vutek Lx Ultra drop pro and Zund G3, we were able to design and create the retail display prototypes and have them signed off ready to be rolled out within 2 weeks.

Quality and Quantity

In just under a week we had successfully produced large quantities of impeccable print, retail displays and POS and delivered in time to major stores across Europe..

Unsurprisingly we’re all very proud of this one, the whole project was a prime example of the ‘can do’ attitude to service, the unrivalled creativity and the superior technical ability embodied by Imageco. It was the start of a great relationship with our Leeds based client Intermarketing.
Even though this project was a real test of our organisational and operational skills, with years of experience managing difficult jobs and hitting tight deadlines, we were confident from the start that we would be able to deliver amazing results.

As a service-led company, we don’t just pride ourselves on delivering impeccable results, it’s in our culture to work closely and build relationships with the client to figure out what their needs and motivations are so that we can better understand the job.

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