Leafing a Lasting Impression with SEW-EURODRIVE's Green Wall


SEW-EURODRIVE is one world’s leading specialists in automation technology, specialising in motors, gear units, and gearmotors. Despite the striking branding on the external wall of their UK headquarters in Normanton, their reception area didn’t match their values with its stark white walls and lack of functional space. With the use of bespoke furniture, wide-format print, and the installation of a green wall, we transformed SEW-EURODRIVE’S reception space into a striking yet calming environment that could be enjoyed by staff members and visitors alike.

Collaboration on a Large Scale

Due to the size and scope of this project, we enlisted the help of our friends at Syn Retail to collaborate with us on the cutting-edge concepts and life-like renders, as well as the extremely technical installation.

Installing a Bespoke Green Wall

After viewing the space and seeing the high volume of natural light streaming in from the receptions sky lights, we knew that incorporating greenery into SEW-EURODRIVE'S reception area was the way to go. By incorporating greenery into a space, you significantly increase the sense of calm within that environment thanks to the stress reducing qualities of the colour. But while many choose potted plants to incorporate a sense of nature, for some businesses, their upkeep outweighs their benefits. For those like SEW-EURODRIVE, of whom have too large a space to sustainably cover with foliage, artificial green walls are a great option to incorporate nature without the long-term maintenance.


That’s why the final SEW-EURODRIVE reception area design featured a large green wall of 17m x 6m that wraps around the central space, and a smaller green wall of 5m x 3m that wraps around the reception, which together included 65 individual planters painted a custom mixed dark green that held the plants on their custom-made metal grid. All together giving visitors the feeling of being in the middle of a sunlit garden the moment they walked through the doors.  

Bespoke Furniture for an Individual Space

With the bright light from the reception's skylights marking out the natural flow of the room, our in-house experts used bespoke furniture to optimise this beautiful organic feature. To allow light to reach every corner of the space, while also creating distinct work environments for the SEW-EURODRIVE staff members to use, we used specially made non-enclosed shelves and tables painted in the brands signature colours. Each of these bespoke furniture pieces were made from recyclable and reused material, with the table and chair tops crafted from pre-loved 160-year-old roof beams. Creating a practical yet fluid space, without sacrificing SEW-EURODRIVES sustainable values.

Signature Signage

Before this refurb, the SEW-EURODRIVE reception area had limited signage showing the fantastic branding that can clearly be seen in other areas of their office. We created a series of signage options, both illuminated and non-illuminated, to be placed in key parts of the space. The largest of which was placed in the rooms focal point, alongside the living wall, to create a stark contrast to the previously fully white walls. Are you looking to bring nature into your bespoke space? Then contact our team today.
“Imageco have completely transformed our space so that it now truly represents our brand and ethos. With the inclusion of a green wall amongst the new furniture has given our staff a calm, nurturing environment to greet guests and take meetings. We can’t wait to get started on the second half of the project!” Andy Turner, Sales and Operations Manager at SEW-EURODRIVE.