Spiralling Signage at Medway Hospital

A Heart-Warming Proposal

Medway Hospital had a vision, and that vision was to create a piece of artwork promoting the importance of research and innovation within medicine, so we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on this project with Hospital Art Studio. They came to us with a design proposal but needed a solution on how they could make the idea a reality and install it within the space. We love the implementation of art in wards and hospitals because we believe that filling a space with colour and visuals has a huge benefit to wellbeing and mental health. The atrium already had a relaxed feel with seating for meet and greets with hot drinks, and this artwork would only elevate the area further.

DNA Helix

The DNA Helix was chosen as the central element of the installation as it is the emblem of clinical science and was perfect for the theme as molecules are essential for all life, carrying the genetic instructions for development, function and growth. A beautiful message and a nod to medical research.

Precise Planning

Above the centrepiece spinning helix, the design included a huge title display with wording in the shape of a DNA strand. Our suggestion for the title display was to print the artwork onto 5mm clear acrylic, back it up in white ink, affixing 1mm white Foamex PVC to the reverse and then use the Zund cutter to shape. We suggested that the pieces then have rear locators added to the back, so they would stand off the wall and create a shadow.

They had also included existing pillars in the design that are on either side of the main spinning helix structure to feature over twenty illustrated icons with text on the hospitals' practices, such as developing new clinical procedures, treatments and medicines. We proposed the column vinyl’s to be printed on a high tack vinyl with a top protective laminate for protection. And for the helix graphic to be printed, kiss cut and the complicated design then weeded out.

Hiccups Along The Way

This project began back in summer 2020 with the original installation date set for October 2020. But, as with many things last year, this had to be delayed due to COVID as we were unable to travel to the hospital. As Imageco always does, we continued to stride on with our side of the project and keep the work in storage until we could eventually travel to Medway Hospital in May 2021. The final installed work was officially unveiled on 20th May to coincide with International Clinical trials day, the perfect time to unveil a project with this message. The final look of the space is breathtaking and a huge asset in the expansive atrium.
"I felt very passionate about creating a visual display to increase awareness of research within the Trust, to encourage and engage both staff and patient participation and to showcase the number of specialities that we conduct research in. Evidence suggests that hospitals that conduct research have improved patient outcomes. I, therefore, wanted everyone who walks through our doors at Medway NHS Foundation Trust to know that we are a research active organisation and provide them the opportunity to participate in a research study, if they are eligible." Dr Iram Ahmed, Clinical Operations Manager, Diagnostics and Clinical Support Services

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

We would like to offer a huge thank you to all teams involved in making this project such a massive success. First to Hospital Art Studios, for their amazing artwork, and then to BJS Fabrications, a Leeds based company, who designed, produced, and installed the rotating helix structure. All other installation on the two-day project was undertaken by John Simpson at Onsite Print Installations. And the project was managed at Imageco by David Shackleton and the team, Edward Hillam – production, Cadyn Adams- Studio and Jac Jacson and Reece Taafe in finishing.

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