Every® by Iris

Standing Out at Events with Every

Every® by Iris

Last year, we were approached by Every® by Iris, a leading provider of compliance and HR management solutions for the education sector. They were in need of a brand-new, bespoke event stand for two of the biggest events in the school business service's calendar - the annual Education Estates event and The Schools & Academies Show.

The Aim

Every® already had a stand they had used for shows previously, but it was in desperate need of an upgrade. Event stands are so important for businesses because it helps define your brands, bring in a new audience, and sell products or services, so it’s important that they *stand* out from the crowd. Every® had a clear vision of what they wanted from us - a 3x3m stand that was attention-grabbing and rang true to their brand.

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Standing out from the Crowd

Throughout the process, our very own Jonathan Staniforth skilfully managed the entire project, while Dean Sharp took charge of the 3D design and construction elements, making sure that Every’s vision became a reality. Through their hard work, they were able to bring life to their event stand! Everything from the flooring to the walls perfectly matched Every’s brand. To create a visually striking effect, we incorporated illuminated speech bubbles. These popped out from the event stand to give it more dimension and really gave it that wow factor. We also used LED halo illumination which was produced with neon flex to achieve the desired stand-out effect. Inside the speech bubbles were all the modules Every® offers for their HR and compliance software solutions. They’re hard not to notice, right? At the front of the stand, we crafted a podium using a light sheet—a thin acrylic panel etched with squares and illuminated along the edges. This really created an engaging visual that would captivate visitors as they travelled across the stand. Underneath this, we incorporated a space for storage so that their sales team could keep everything neat and tidy.

LED Light Solutions

Details in the Design

We made sure to include QR codes on the stand, so customers could effortlessly scan them with their smartphones and instantly access Every's websites. Not only does it prevent unnecessary waste by avoiding printing flyers, but it also makes it convenient for prospective customers to check out their websites right then and there. We also made space for a TV screen on the stand. This allowed Every® to showcase a video highlighting their products. So as customers strolled on by, they could easily catch a glimpse of what Every® has to offer.

Striking Materials

The majority of the stand was made using Xanita. It's not only visually stunning, but also eco-friendly because it's made from natural fibres, and you know we’re all about sustainable print here at Imageco. The board is sandwiched between two, printable white kraft liners. With Xanita, we were able to create a stand that had all the qualities our clients needed. This material is way stronger than your typical fibreboard, which means it can withstand multiple uses. No matter how many times it's used, it always looks as if it were brand new.

Creative design

The Outcome

The Every® team were thrilled with the incredible results and received a lot of positive feedback from both attendees of the events and their online social media audience. In fact, they were so happy with the stand's success that they decided to reuse it for all their events in 2023! Their stand has become a true showstopper, leaving a lasting impression wherever it goes. It's a testament to our team's hard work and the stand's undeniable charm.
We’re really pleased with our event stand from Imageco and the brand awareness it’s helped us to achieve. The eye-catching design embodies our brand’s identity through its use of colour, not to mention the illuminated elements that make it impossible to miss! Having a TV display integrated into the stand helps us stand out from the crowd and also enables our events teams to run live system demonstrations and play videos to support relationship building with delegates. We’re looking forward to seeing more success from the stand at future events! Phil Treanor, Head of Sales at Every® by Iris