Crafting Cardboard for Antalis: Sustainable Exhibition Stand for a Sustainable Supplier

Lasting Partnerships

Antalis, our long-standing supplier of sustainable materials recently came to us with a unique request for an upcoming event where a highly creative stand design and build was required. With such a strong sustainable ethos, Antalis desired a stand where the green credentials were just as vital as a captive design.

Creativity and sustainability in one project? What more could we have asked for!

The Aim

We were provided with a hand-drawn stand concept alongside the brief, which required the incorporation of as many Antalis sustainable materials as possible. The main structure was to be crafted from Xanita; a sustainable fibre board which is 100% repulpable, ultra-lightweight and far stronger than traditional fibre board.

Antalis’ vision was for the stand to resemble a traditional British high street store on the exterior, with a colourful interior containing examples of the many ways their sustainable materials can be used in real-life retail environments for a wide variety of applications including furniture, POS and display.

Cardboard Creations

With our love for the extensive possibilities of cardboard engineering, we were excited to experiment in meeting such a strong sustainable brief.

The design of the stand was created by our Senior Graphic Designer and included heavy attention to detail. This unique project required dedicated collaboration between our team members and with the initial design perfected in-house, the baton was then passed to our Cardboard Engineer.

Cardboard Engineering

Expertly Engineered

Our cardboard engineer used their expertise in designing structurally sound 3D elements to bring the concept to life through the art of cardboard craft.

Specific knowledge and expertise are required on a build like this, with detailed consideration paramount, as the slightest mistake in print or cutting can reduce a world class design to an end-result that looks like a primary school art project! Thankfully, our guy never disappoints and the Antalis stand was so expertly engineered that you would never have believed it was built from cardboard.


Built on Collaboration

The entire team at Imageco came together to create this incredible display from build to install. It required elements across a multitude of areas within the business, including:
- Graphic Design
- 3D Design
- Cardboard Engineering
- Project Management
- Installation
And of course, none of this would have been possible without the amazing work being done at Antalis to build such an impressive portfolio of sustainable solutions for the print sector.

Our Culture

The Outcome

The final project was a sight to behold and honestly, cardboard has never looked cooler! Antalis were delighted with the stand we created, which perfectly fulfilled the green event stand brief and was definitely one of the most eye-catching at the show (our favourite element was the cardboard bike!). This project is a shining example of not only what we are able to achieve here at Imageco, but also of what the future of these events will look like.

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