Airedale Hospital

Using Artwork to Honour Unsung Heroes

Airedale Hospital

We worked with Hospital Art Studio to create an impactful memorial for the organ donors of Airedale Hospital using bespoke artwork. Understanding the magnitude of their gift, we knew that we had to make a creative 3D print installation that not only worked within the healthcare space but also gave family members the opportunity to remember their loved ones. The artwork was unveiled on the 21st of September 2023 during National Organ Donation Week and was christened by 8 organ donor families who have lost their loved ones at the hospital.

A Symbol of Renewal

Taking inspiration from the incredible work happening with the organ donation team at Airedale Hospital, Hospital Art Studio’s design used the “Tree of Life” symbol as the core idea for this installation. With its imagery firmly rooted in renewal, the tree of life not only gave an opportunity to bring nature into the wing, but also represented the gift of life given by past donor patients.

The Mighty Oak Transformed Through Artwork

Keeping the tree of life in mind for inspiration, it was decided that the project should give a British twist to the traditional tree of life symbol, by transforming it into the mighty oak tree. Mounted on a main wall in Airedale Hospital, the oak’s tree branches climb over a clear blue sky, giving viewers the feeling of standing safe underneath a forest canopy. To allow the sign to transform over time, the 180 autumnal leaves will gradually be replaced by fresh green acrylic leaves, as a marker of the renewal of spring and new life. Each of these bright green leaves will feature the name of a selfless donor who has given someone new life within the hospital walls, each individually engraved. Overtime the oak will transform from warm reds to spring green in a breath-taking display of the new life given by the selflessness of donors.

Crafting the Wall Sculpture

To achieve this bespoke artwork, we used a base panel of aluminium composite bonded to polycarbonate to ensure the longevity of the piece within the hospital environment. With its ability to be wiped clean and disinfected, this material is perfect for hospitals. The oak tree of life design was then reverse digitally printed directly to acrylic and mounted to the base. The autumnal leaves were printed onto ACM and cut with a Zünd digital cutting machine to shape in clear lacquer. Giving a beautiful shine to the display.

Performing a Rapid Turnaround in a Healthcare Setting

In a bid to not displace any patients or get in the way of the hard-working hospital staff, we ensured that the artwork was turned around in record time. With the help of our expert team of technicians, we performed a pre-site assessment that allowed us to assemble a large portion of the installation prior to fitting. Allowing us to minimise disruption to patients, while giving maximum impact.

An Impactful End Result

We are incredibly honoured to have been chosen to create such a wonderful memorial for those who have given the ultimate gift. With over 7,000 people currently waiting for an organ transplant in the UK, it was a pleasure to work with the team at Hospital Art Studio to create this impactful memorial.

“After working with the Imageco team on multiple projects, we were thrilled to be once again collaborating with them on such a meaningful installation as this. Their incredible attention to detail and gold-standard products meant that the new memorial stands proudly within the hospital's walls, ready to be transformed by future donors.” Karen van de Bospoort, Creative Director

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