Kingsway Park High School

Kingsway Park - Impactful Wallpaper

The Aim

Kingsway Park High School reached out to us with a vision that they needed help bringing to life. An area of their school which is specifically dedicated to students with special needs and underprivileged students had become dull and lifeless. The blank corridors didn’t create the correct environment needed for the aptly named ‘nurture’ area of the school.

Imageco's Input

The teachers came up with the idea of taking inspiration from Manchester’s streets to transform the area into a colourful and welcoming space.

We were delighted to have been chosen for this project to breathe some life into the areas in the school where they would make the most difference. Our senior designer/studio manager, Becca were given a few reference images to work from before she began working her magic!

The idea for the doors were to make them look as though they were lifted straight out of the doorframes of a quaint Manchester terrace house. And the walls were to be made to look like brightly coloured brick to transport the students to the colourful streets of the city. Printed covers were created to give the door effects and we even designed and created ‘Kingsway Park’ acrylic stand-off signs to finish off the effect.

Sustainable Bespoke Design

One of the things we do best at Imageco is bespoke designs, and this project was no exception. The doors were printed on our HP latex 800, our most eco-friendly option for the job and the wallpaper was made using our eco wall canvas which is made from recycled plastic bottles. As always, sustainability is at the heart of what we do and a total of four trees will be planted with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust as a result of this project taking place.

Wallpaper Installation

We initially surveyed the area for installations so that we could apply the design to the survey produced. Our installation team installed all graphics themselves, meaning the entire project was carried out by Imageco from start to finish. This meant we could ensure the entire project was carried out to perfection.

Manchester's Calling

The final result was a sight to behold, the colourful walls and doors could not have come off better and have created an amazing environment for all the students to grow and learn in. As always with bespoke projects, we had a couple of hurdles to overcome, but each one was tackled head-on and delivered a beautiful end result. The area has truly been brought to life through the use of amazing creative print, really showcasing what we do best here at Imageco.
“Working with Imageco has been a real joy. The whole process has been a true collaboration and has therefore allowed the vision to be achieved using their creative ideas. The company’s warmth, skills and expertise has created a great working relationship. We will not hesitate about using the company for future projects.” Leanne Clarke, Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion, Behaviour & Attendance 

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