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3 Ways to Use Wall Coverings to Liven A Space

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Primary School Custom Education Wallpaper Printed and Installed by Imageco

As wide-format print specialists, we see the power of visual communication every day, and nothing has the power to transform your indoor space quite like wall coverings. While many view them as purely a decorative element, wall coverings are in fact a design powerhouse. With the ability to breathe new life into any space and kick-start inspiration as soon as someone walks through the door, wall coverings don’t only play the functional role of covering an unsightly surface but can transform an entire environment.

Here at Imageco, we’re passionate about the possibilities that wall coverings have to offer. So, ditch the beige paint and unleash your design vision with these three easy ways wall coverings can liven up your space…


1. The Feature Wall


When you walk into your space, where is your eye immediately drawn to? Is it a large window, the furniture in the middle of the room, or a big bland wall?

While many view the feature wall as a thing of the past, we believe that it still remains abrilliant design strategy that can pull focus to where you want your guests to look. When used in the correct way, wall coverings can transform one wall into a stunning statement that instantly elevates a space and grabs attention. It’s also the prefect way to highlight your design preferences and create a conversation starter.

But in order to make the biggest impact, one of the most important things your feature wall must be is crystal clear.  As they often take up the largest wall in a room, whether you choose a vibrant pattern, a breathtaking landscape mural, or a piece of custom artwork, you want to make sure that every aspect of it is in the highest resolution. Otherwise, you risk it looking blurry and pixelated, losing all of the intended impact. By using top-of-the-line printing technology such as the swissQprint’s Nyala 4 flatbed printer and the HP Latex 800W printer, we can ensure that every one of our wall coverings is printed in the highest resolution, bringing out the colour vibrancy and intracity detail of your chosen design.


Primary School Custom Education Wallpaper Printed and Installed by Imageco

2. Zone it Out with Custom Wall Coverings

It is becoming increasingly common for office and hospitality businesses to opt for an open floor plan to increase flexibility and a sense of wide-open space for visitors. But they can often feel bland. Wall coverings can be your secret weapon for zoning an open space as they give you the ability to create mood-specific areas and a direction flow with the use of different designs. For example, use a contemporary pattern to distinguish creative workspaces, and a more calming naturistic designs for a calmer break area. Or create an intimate speakeasy cocktail bar in one corner with the use of a darker colour palette, before transforming into a lighter palette as the eye travels across the room towards a day café set up. By using different wall coverings, you can not only visually define different zones but also add a touch of unique personality to each area.



3. Breaking Through the Ceiling Using Wallpaper

Wall coverings aren’t just limited to walls, think outside the box and explore their potential on more unexpected surfaces.

Ceilings are a great example. If your space lacks height and/or natural lighting, then having a plain painted ceiling can often make the room feel oppressive. Which is not a feeling that generally inspires much positive thinking. Create a statement ceiling by installing a custom wall covering with a captivating cloud pattern or a mesmerising starry night scene.  You could even go one step further and install backlighting into your design, creating a more natural looking solution than traditional fluorescent bulbs.

Take inspiration from our work with ZAAP Thai. Here we used a large 5×2.5 meter wall mounted light box which we printed on our recycled plastic bottle wall covering fabric, using a day to night technique. This method involves printing layers of coloured ink with a white layer in the middle which when unlit makes the city scape appear as a day scene. But once the lightbox is turned on, it cleverly reveals the moon and stars in the sky.


ZAAP Thai Restaurant Wall Covering Backlit with OceanTex

Your Next Steps to an Inspiring Space

If you’re looking to revamp your space using wall coverings, then get in contact with our expert team today and see how we can transform your vision.