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Brighten the Room with Custom Wallpaper

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Primary School Custom Education Wallpaper Printed and Installed by Imageco

Whether you’re looking at an office building, hospital, retail store or restaurant, it’s undeniable that the interior design of a space makes all the difference. And one of the easiest ways in which you can brighten up a room without redesigning the entire space is with wallpaper. And at Imageco, custom wallpaper is one of our specialties.

Designs to Die for


Our in-house designers love nothing more than working with customers to brighten up their space. The type of designs you’re looking for will likely vary depending on the type of space you’re looking to decorate, and we want to make sure your custom wallpaper is fit for purpose.

For example, when we created custom wallpaper for schools, we created projects like Kingsway Avenue, for which we were given a brief of bringing urban Manchester inside the school, specifically within areas of the school designated to students with special needs. We wanted to ensure that the space was as bright and homely for the students as possible.

But then when creating designs for the ZAAP restaurant interiors wallpaper, the wow factor was critical to the project. So, for this project, we created a fantastic 5×2.5m wall-mounted lightbox to depict a glowing Thailand street market scene. Not only that, but we made this project a sustainable one through the use of our OceanTex fabric, which we’ll touch on later.

One Piece Wonders


Seamless is our specialty.

With us being experts in wide format print here at Imageco, we can print your wallpaper as one entire piece, matching perfectly to your wall measurements. Because there’s nothing more annoying than noticing the flaws in a pattern or image that often come with applying roles of wallpaper.

Utilising the latest print technology, we can print onto our eco wall canvas at a height of 3.2m by any length making your wall décor seamless. Our biggest project to date on custom wallpaper has been for a popular London hotel for which we installed a total of 15,000m2 over a period of six months.

So, it’s safe to say that no matter how big the job is, we can handle it.

Green Space room 2

Specialist Materials


We’re incredibly proud of our product offering at Imageco, and we put a lot of time into ensuring that the suppliers we are working with not only provide some of the best quality materials in the business, but also match our values when it comes to sustainability and ethics.

Some of our sustainable wall-covering materials include:

  • Oceantex, our material made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Eco Wall Canvas
  • PVC free papers

Towards the end of 2022, we also qualified in the use of PONGS DESCOR® materials for our wallpaper projects. The use of these materials opens up a whole new world for us when it comes to custom wallpaper and ceiling coverings. From soundproofing for reverberation and acoustic control to antibacterial coatings for use in clinical, beauty, health and education settings.

Our PONGS DESCOR® offerings include:

  • PONGS Silencio Acoustic
  • PONGS DESCOR® Backlit
  • PONGS DESCOR® Anti-Bacterial
  • PONGS DESCOR® Premium
  • PONGS DESCOR® Premium Anti-Bacterial
  • PONGS Akustico New Life – Made using recycled plastic bottles
  • PONGS Contrast

What are you waiting for?


We’re always ready and raring to go on new creative products, and we love nothing more than creating amazing spaces for our customers to work/live within.

If you’re looking for a print partner that specialises in custom wallpaper for your next interior project, get in contact.