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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Exhibition Stands

It’s nearly time for the big event, the POS is being laid out and the exhibition stands are being raised.

As Marketing Show North 2019 comes steadily around the corner, it can feel like a bit of a rush for some. From planning travel and hotels to gathering together essential marketing materials to dish out to passing patrons, there’s always one empty box on a marketer’s to-do list left un-ticked: the exhibition stand. 

At Imageco, we like to think of ourselves as your personal heroes. Last-minute doesn’t scare us. We’ve got you covered. 


The look of your stand may be lacking in excitement as the exhibition approaches and no final design sign-offs have been made. 

However, our incredible design team are able to get to the root of your company’s dream aesthetic and put pen to paper to give you the best results. We’ll have your last-minute stand designed in no time. 


Exhibition stands require high-quality graphics on large scale materials. This means it’s essential to use cutting-edge wide-format printing machinery to get the most out of your marketing materials and images. 

We use the latest equipment and print technology and sustainable materials like Xanita board to bring your design to life. 

Whether you’ve booked a freestanding or shell scheme plot at the exhibition, we can make your stand as unique and quirky as you’d like by printing on exciting textiles or creating intriguing structures while retaining sharp images and graphics. 


Exhibition timings can be a killer if you’re running behind. Installation can be fiddly and there’s always the worry you’re not doing it right if you’re installing yourself. 

We’re there, onsite, the day before the show to install your stand. We’ll even derig after the show and deliver your stand back to you or dispose of it responsibly! – All you have to do is turn up! 

Quick Turnaround 

We can produce bespoke wide format graphics or exhibition stands in rapid time. A quick turnaround means your team is left feeling prepared and ready to wow attendees with time to spare! 

Design, build, install, sorted! If you’re still in need of an exhibition stand or exhibition material for Marketing Show North 2019, get in touch with our team today! 




Looking to stand out from the crowd? Our exhibition managers are here to help!