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How to Re-Open with Safety in Mind

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Covid Signage

Public Health England has instructed businesses to redesign processes to allow social distancing to take place by implementing temporary barriers between staff and customers. We have developed a detailed guide to help you prepare for your store re-opening with safety in mind. The guide includes core actions that you must take to minimise risk alongside potential solutions.

Protecting the Customers

To keep your customers safe, consider the following:

  • Provide hand washing stations– If soap and water are not available, an alcohol-based hand sanitiser that is at least 60% alcohol is the most effective way to kill germs. So, to reduce the spread from direct contact, sanitiser stations are a good way to avoid overcrowded bathrooms.
  • Enforce social distancing– To do so you may need to implement floor markers. Nobody likes to queue, so it’s natural to want to make it go quicker, customers will subconsciously push forward and close the gap. Clear and direct floor markers will let them know exactly where it’s safe to stand.
  • Create a one-way system– To reduce traffic in areas with high footfall, use floor markers to navigate them through the store. The clearer your temporary rules are the more comfortable your customers will feel. We have designed non-scratch, hard wearing floor stickers that are easy to apply and provide a cost-effective, scalable solution.
  • Re-direct shopping methods – Most businesses are set up to receive orders online and if they’re not delivery compatible they can still arrange for click-and-collect. Use signage to alert them to outdoor click-and-collect stations. This is an excellent way to reduce the numbers in your store while still increasing sales. Use window signage and outdoor totems as an effective public information tool.


Protecting the Staff

No one in the world wants to go to work and feel unsafe. In a YouGov poll, up to 59% of employees are worried about finding it hard to social distance when they return to work and 44% are worried about maintaining hygiene levels. To inspire confidence and create a healthy productive working environment, we suggest the following recommendations:

  • Barriers – The form of transmission is airborne droplets. To prevent the spread, individuals are now advised to wear face masks. To upgrade this safety feature, we have designed a more comprehensive protection solution, in the form of sneeze guards. They are made from Xanita sustainable fibreboard and PETG screens and are completely customisable.
  • Upgrade signage – To avoid putting staff members in danger, use free-standing signage that will be a beacon of clear information about your store. We have designed a public information totem that can stand in your store and draw attention to the new rules in place. These can be an excellent way to encourage customers to clean their hands or maintain 2-metre distance from staff.
  • Face protection – Many businesses are understandably opting for face coverings as it’s the best all-round option right now. However, there are several different variations in this department. From the lightweight canvas offering to the heavy-duty plastic face shield, as seen by ICU doctors. With the scale moving from incredibly mobile and comfortable to increased protection and confidence. We have a range of fully customisable options available.


Bespoke Solutions

  • Small vs Large stores – Businesses in the UK vary from a couple of square metres to acres of land. Thus, the solution for each store is very different. With small stores like corner shops and post offices, there are limited ways you can enforce social distancing, so limiting the number of visitors is the only way forward. Our window signs are a great way to let people know the one-in-one-out policy. Whereas in businesses that have the space like car showrooms and hardware shops, you can be creative and have sections for cleaning at the entrance and a one-way system to limit contact.


Getting it right is difficult, ensure you are up to date on the latest Government policy documents for industry requirements and then choose your safety solutions accordingly.

If you have any further questions or would like a bespoke solution developing for your store Get in touch