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Imageco’s Year in Review: 2023

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

2023 Firework Display celebrating the new year.

As we enter 2024, we wanted to look back at the awesome things that happened at Imageco in 2023! We worked with famous brands, welcomed new talent to our team, and won some big awards. We’ve achieved a lot this last year!

So, before we jump too quickly into the new year, we thought we’d take a minute to look back at everything we achieved this year.


Introducing ExhiBox

This year, we launched the ExhiBox! At Imageco, we decided that the plastic-heavy, tricky to recycle and not to mention, difficult to assemble exhibition stands currently on the market weren’t doing justice to our planet. Determined to offer a more sustainable solution, our team dedicated themselves to creating an alternative approach that seamlessly integrates captivating design with ingenious structural engineering. The ExhiBox is made from Xanita, a sustainable fiberboard renowned for its 100% repulpable inner core, outstanding lightweight properties, and strength compared to traditional options. The ExhiBox features foldable walls that effortlessly come together in only two pieces, ensuring seamless transportation and a quick setup. As we head into 2024, we’re excited for more people to use this eco-friendly solution and help make our future greener.

A infographic of ExhiBox sustainable exhibition stand and how it is made


Expanding the Imageco Team

We’ve taken on some great new talent this year – especially a few that have joined us at entry-level. We value young talent and aim to help them develop with us. It’s great to see them join and grow as part of our team. We encourage them to set ambitious career goals and reach for their aspirations. Together, we’re committed to creating a supportive environment where everyone can succeed and excel. We can’t wait to see what they will achieve!


Winning Big

This year has been a big win for us!

  • We got the Antalis Special Sustainability Prize for our Pie Factory X Capital One exhibition stand at the VM Show.
  • We snagged the FESPA Gold award for the Antalis Sustainability Street stand.
  • Our work with Hospital Art Studio on the organ donation memorial project, the Tree of Life, scored us a gold at the International Architecture & Design Awards for Healthcare Interior. And, at the UK Graphics Awards, we did great too!
  • We got a Silver for Exhibitions for our work with Capital One and another Silver in the Roll-Out category for our work with Dr. Martens. Plus, we came out on top as the wide-format printer of the year with under 30 employees (for our 3rd year in a row). It’s amazing to see our hard work paying off and getting recognised!
  • In December, we found out we had been shortlisted for the Sign and Wrap Awards in the Architectural Sign category!

Imageco at the UK Graphic Awards

Introducing the Nyala 4 swissQprint printer

In November, we got our hands on the Nyala 4 flatbed printer at Imageco HQ, thanks to the LEP grant. This addition will now join our other machines like the EFI Vutek GS3250 LX Pro flatbed and the HP Latex 800Ws. With the Nyala 4, we’re stepping up our printing game to provide even better services for our clients.

For more information on what our Nyala 4 printer can achieve, read our blog.


Print Sustainability

We care a lot about making everything we do at Imageco sustainable, and we’re happy to share we achieved the ISO 14001 certification again this year after a thorough check. The ISO 14001 sets out the specific criteria for environmental management systems, mapping out the framework companies can follow to set up their own environmental management system.

Plus, we cut down 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to 2021! We’re really proud of this, and we’re planning to do even more for the environment in the new year.


Big Things Incoming in 2024

After a busy year, we’re excited about what 2024 has in store. Look out for updates on our projects and the latest news, as we’re getting ready for some exciting new ventures in the coming year!

If you’re in search of a print partner for your upcoming 2024 projects, reach out to a member of our team!