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Keeping it Green from A to B

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of lorrys in black and white

We are immensely proud of our sustainability mission, it’s at the heart of everything we do. This translates into our desire to work with suppliers and partners that truly share our passion to make a difference. Your Special Delivery Service, or YSDS, are one of our said partners. Our logistics partner specialises in transporting some of the most ‘un-transportable’ goods around, from priceless pieces of art to delicate life science components. We use them for our large jobs further afield.

We sat down with YSDS UK’s CEO Silvia Tarchi, (virtually of course), to discuss the ways they are innovating to stay as green as they can be.

Silvia, what are YSDS doing to cut emissions?

YSDS is offering Go-green international shipping options as well as trying to consolidate domestic and European road deliveries, in order to make sure never to have empty return trips, we’re limiting the footprint by reducing the mileage.

That’s interesting because historically logistics firms were only concerned with getting products from A to B, now you look at getting shipments from A to B, and then back to B. Do you plan to improve your carbon footprint in the future?

Of course, at YSDS we aim to always provide a green option wherever possible. In the future, we hope to be able to rely on electric-powered vehicles and plastic-free packaging (boxes, wrapping material, tape, and labeling).

We get that! Our ethos stretches to include the whole project, from materials to ink, to packaging so it’s good to know we’re not the only ones.

Our customers know that it’s our whole deal, but how does sustainability affect your decision making in business?

Being a specialty logistics company, we often face the challenge of moving very urgent and time-sensitive shipments, which limits the selection of carriers and green options, however even if we can improve on packaging or one leg of the shipment, this is still an achievement and a step in the right direction. We are hopeful that future technologies will allow us to be able to operate in the most sustainable way.

We have always had the sustainable option there, but in the last year, the interest for it has skyrocketed, which is really encouraging to see.

As have we, our demand for sustainable alternatives have shot through the roof, so we are very glad to see it across other industries too. To satisfy this huge demand, we have to set ourselves sustainability goals.

How have you reached sustainability goals that you have set historically?  

It’s been a combination of partnering with the most reliable and environmentally conscious carriers as well as using the latest technologies to plan collections and deliveries in a more effective way. Smart routing has been a huge asset for us in recent years; it reduces risk and improves efficiency. Optimising our delivery network has led to improved driver quality and better fuel economy

Amazing, it sounds like YSDS are ahead of the game.

How do you ensure your eco policies are truly future proof?

We just have to constantly review our internal operations and what our partners are offering as far as services and technologies.

Speaking of partners, can you tell us how you currently collaborate with Imageco?

With Imageco we ship solely with carriers that offer the go-green option and we consolidate all collections to the same time of the day in order to limit the footprint.

Our biggest strength is our partnerships with like-minded firms, without YSDS we wouldn’t be able to offer a worldwide service, that focuses on sustainable alternatives with a small carbon footprint. Thank you ‘Your Special Delivery Service UK’. With our partner’s help, we will always deliver.

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