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Let’s Talk: What is Cardboard Engineering?

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of cardboard

‘What’s cardboard engineering?’ we hear you say? Well, it’s only the best thing since solar energy. Cardboard engineering in short, is the art of engineering sheets of card into 3D design. And of course, it’s making an addition to our portfolio of sustainable offering with its 10/10 recyclable qualities. This is the new big thing in sustainable print, if you don’t know, we’ve put together a little explanation so you can get to know.

What is Cardboard Engineering?

Whatever your desired outcome, cardboard engineering is a great option. Sheets of card are taken and then engineered into 3D models. The opportunities are endless with this method of design, products can range from something as simple as boxes, all the way up to life size complex figures and designs. The structures being built from flat cardboard sheets work as a fantastic solution for complex transportation methods and weight requirements that often comes alongside other methods of design.

Imageco’s Abilities

Our design team and cardboard engineer have the expertise to develop bespoke structures, including:

  • POS
  • Exhibition stands
  • Props
  • Furniture
  • Short run packaging

Through the magic of CAD (computer-aided design), all of this is possible, and we are here to breathe creativity and life into your next project.

A Sustainable Design Solution

Most of us are surrounded by cardboard in our day-to-day lives; deliveries, food packaging, it’s everywhere. So, we would hope that you know that it’s recyclable. Card is a high-quality material and can be recycled multiple times, unlike other recyclable materials such as some plastics which degrade a huge amount in each recycling cycle.

In fact, one of our favourite things about cardboard engineering is that it is created from 100% recyclable material. We can develop structures made from Xanita, a sustainable fibre board in which the inner core is 100% repulpable, ultra-lightweight and much stronger than traditional fibre board. All whilst being non-toxic. For POS, we can also utilise fluted card, which has all the planet-friendly benefits of other cardboard, with the added benefit of great structural strength.

Here to Help

We know it may not be the easiest to picture how flat sheets of cardboard can be developed into structural masterpieces, but that’s where we come in. If you’re interested in learning more about this as a sustainable solution to your next design project, get in touch and we’ll show you exactly what’s possible within cardboard engineering.