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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Being a luxury brand is not just about creating a great product, it’s also about ensuring that premium consistency throughout the entire consumer experience, whether that be visual merchandising, promotional material or exhibition visuals. The quality and execution of these elements are crucial to creating the right brand identity, there’s no room for errors or graphics that aren’t the sharpest and most innovative in the industry. Premium brands must lead the way and set the tone for quality and visual innovation.

Take Liberty of London for example, they are world renowned for their visual merchandising, particularly at Christmas. People travel from all over the world to see the spectacular window dressing and internal merchandising at Liberty. This is a big achievement that has only been possible through consistent quality graphics and great craftsmanship as well as a very talented creative team of course.

For the Limited Edition Nixon Watches range, Liberty went for a minimalist approach using round LED lighting and window vinyls that incorporated a bespoke patterned panel around the edges, something that we a Imageco do day in day out. The difference with our capabilities is that we can take this concept that one step further. Using the White Ink Multi Layered printing technique that we’ve been extremely excited about recently, it is possible to incorporate bespoke backlit graphics on both rigid and flexible materials and media as well as many other high value affects commonly used on premium branding.

Porsche is another brand that uses strong visuals to emanate an air of luxury. Understandably their branding must coincide with their product pricing in order to attract the right potential buyer and it appears that subtlety and quality is the theme for Porsche. Luxury bespoke wall paper printing as a backdrop sets the tone for their seasonal windows which is something that we at Imageco at great at. We have a very talented creative team who will take a brief and turn wall coverings or back drops into something special that represents your brand to a T. We’ll work with you to develop your ideas by bringing them to life on a moodboard and then we’ll use our high quality printers to deliver the sharpest quality prints. Our new Vutek printer has the capability of printing files at 1000dpi so you can be rest assured that our bespoke wallpaper prints will be delivered in the highest and sharpest quality.

The premium sportswear brand Adidas used bespoke wall coverings in combination with an amazing suspended neon logo which completely lights up the shop space and gives off a superior edge to the branding. The floor, and part of the walls have been covered in a rock textured vinyl wrap which reflects the textural elements of the collection. Being a brand that sponsors many high profile sports men and women as well as numerous celebrities, their branding needs to meet high expectations.

Here at Imageco, we are experts at designing, creating and installing premium branding in a wide range of environments. We offer a number of services and products which we can tailor entirely to your needs even down to the smallest details.

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