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Perfecting the Ultimate POS!

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

North Face Retail Display POS

POS solutions allow you to bring your brand directly to the consumer. Due to the high levels of competition, great visuals make you stand out in the noise. Visuals also enable you to be as creative as far as your mind takes you, we don’t have limits, but we do have a can do it attitude.

Quality POS

High-quality printing will associate your brand with quality. POS could be your one chance to stand out and shine. This is where we thrive, delivering exceptional prints to photographic standards.

Our POS and retail designs are durable, created with hard-wearing materials and cutting-edge technology. Allow us to deliver you unparalleled quality, absolutely crucial to take advantage of heavy footfall in the retail environment.

Sustainability POS

Unbelievably, we are still able to develop our high-strength POS products whilst completing our vital eco-mission. We do this by using our industry-leading HP latex technology with the use of ultra-sustainable materials. Most of our free-standing POS units are created from Xanita board, a paper-based closed-cell fibreboard made from 100% recyclable material. Helping us create a closed loop of recycling.

POS solutions are very seasonal based, meaning supermarkets are constantly rotating, leading to thousands of graphics being disposed of every other month. Moving to alternative materials reduces waste, helping retailers meet their crucial sustainability goals.

Our equipment is designed to reduce emissions and waste. Our HP Latex printer addresses a broad spectrum of environmental concerns, from ink chemistry to indoor air quality. The water-based ink drastically reduces harmful toxins in the air, throughout the life of the product, from design to manufacture, all the way to the shop floor and through the recycling process. It’s not just the HP Latex that improves our POS’s eco-credentials, our state-of-the-art Efi Vutek printer reduces reprint waste through its high colour accuracy and repeatability.

Quick turn around 

Due to our intense industry expertise and experience, we are particularly adept at performing large-scale roll-outs, satisfying the demand in the nature of retail. We take the stress away from you, assuring you we will have the POS and retail designs ready to roll out in a matter of days, we thrive for an all-nighter.

We use the advanced Caldera printing software to drive automated print and the Zund digital cutter, meaning we can deliver large-scale print projects in an ultra-fast turnaround.

Standing out to your stakeholders

Shout, scream, and stand out! This is the point of POS; we take pride in providing great visuals to make this happen. Our designs never go unnoticed, and all eyes will be on you! Separating you from the crowd. Our power to transform the dull into beautiful artwork helps you get recognised, time and time again. Leading to an increase in sales and brand power.

Our Role

We work with you on the brief and the creative sketches every step of the way, our in-house team of creative design experts can inspire you to create something incredible, although sometimes all it takes is the extra pair of eyes to bring your vision to life.

We can save you time, we do all risk assessments and compliance measurements during installation for you. Take a load off your mind by using expert installers who are able to install your POS with minimal disruption to your business.

To sell your product, you need industry leading POS. Talk to our team to get yours now.