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Reducing Our Carbon FootPRINT at the Imageco HQ

by Jessica

If you know us, you know we’re sustainable through and through. And that is why it’s so important to us to reduce our carbon footprint! When the chance came up to work with local, green energy supplier Planet-U, to reinvent our facility. We had to take it. We’re very excited to announce that we have recently transformed our Britannia House headquarters with a whole range of renewable energy solutions such as green energy procurement, Solar PV and the Voltage Optimiser (VO) installations, reducing our carbon output by more than 43,000 kg per year! (Making it one of the most sustainable buildings in Leeds!)


Working with the Experts

Our partnership with Planet-U began when our founder Nathan approached the firm for help with both saving money on our energy contract and more importantly, to discuss options for renewable technology to further reduce our carbon footprint. Planet-U’s consultants initially negotiated a new renewable energy contract for us, then, following a full site energy audit, the firm’s engineers installed 84 tier one photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to the site’s roof space, which will generate an estimated £6,000 of renewable energy annually. Meaning we can use sunlight to power out eco-printers!

Planet-U also fitted a Voltage Optimiser, a technological advancement that lowers excess voltage by regulating our incoming power supply, which will provide a further £9,000 in annual savings. In total, the solutions could generate savings of up to £225,000 for us over the next five years while reducing our carbon output by over 215,000 kg!

Check out the install right here!


A Strategic Partnership

Discussing the partnership with Planet-U, Nathan said: “We understand the importance of sustainability within the business, so partnering with Planet-U was a great decision for us.

“Not only is our sustainability strategy benefiting the environment, it is also a great USP and a powerful marketing tool for us. The Planet-U team is extremely proactive and understands our needs. I would recommend them to any sector that has sustainable energy goals.”

Grant Nicholson, CEO of Planet-U Energy, said: “Print and media is a huge industry in the UK, the fourth biggest in fact. With an industry of this size, outputs can be large and with this comes a big carbon output as well. Imageco was keen very early on to reduce its footprint and called on Planet-U to conduct an in-depth site audit which helped us identify the best ways to determine the annual carbon emissions of the site’s operations.

“The transition to Solar PV and Voltage Optimisation will prove a great move for Imageco in the long term, as it will help reduce the firm’s carbon footprint and move the business forward in line with the government’s new world-leading climate change targets, which pledge to slash emissions by 78% by 2035.”

To work with the eco-warriors and join the sustainable revolution with your very own eco-transformation. Visit the Greenspaces initiative to revitalise your workspace with sustainable materials.