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How Signage Impacts Customer Experience

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of a exit sign in black and white

Signage, POS, window displays. They all work to improve the customer experience in stores, festivals or any other location with high footfall. The value of wide-format print is often overlooked by those who don’t understand the true effect it has on the customer experience.  

 If done well, creating an exciting in-store experience can lead to a huge increase in footfall in-store and subsequent increase in sales. But how do you develop an in-store experience that is not to be missed? 


Customer Centric Thinking 

 If you’re trying to attract in customers, they should be at the centre of your POS planning. There’s no point having a store which targets the gaming community and having it laid out like a fashion boutique. So, some of the questions you should be asking yourself: 

  • Who is my target audience? 
  • What appeals to them? 
  • How can I make my store accessible to everyone? 

 Your choice of POS all feed into answering these questions.  

Colour Palette Decisions 

 Colour is the heart and soul of visuals, whether it be in-store or out. Colour has a huge impact on the human mind and can completely change your perception of what is in front of you. Vibrant reds and browns stand out and draw the eye of customers window shopping, while more muted, cooler colours such as blue and green give the feeling of calm and tranquillity.  

 But nothing attracts the right customer like good branding. POS and signage can be colour matched to your exact brand hex codes carrying your branding through the entirety of the store. Putting branding at the heart of store design gives the customer a real experience of your company.  


Signage That Sells  

 Signage has more of an effect on customer experience than you may expect. Being properly directed in a store can be the difference between making a sale or a customer leaving your store feeling disappointed and frustrated.  

 Well-done signage will not only compliment the overall look and feel of your store but will allow customers to comfortably reach the location of the products they are looking for by following the dedicated signs. Not only will this make the overall customer experience more enjoyable, but means your staff have less work from directing people.  

Window Displays 

Window displays can be used as a grand statement depending on how much you chose to invest in them, but they can be an invaluable asset when it comes to attracting shoppers passing by. Store windows are the best place to start when looking to convey your brand image at your store location(s).  

 Window displays are the perfect place to highlight key products and show them in situ. You can also get creative with your designs and really show off your messaging and ethos. For example, if you’re focussed on sustainability, using cardboard engineering within your window display is a great way to show your eco conscious side.  


Signage From Start to Finish with Imageco 

 At Imageco, we have the ability to look after projects from start to finish. Whether you have a pre-determined designs and you simply need the print creation side or are needing some creative assistance to get the ball rolling, our team is here to help create an unforgettable store experience for your business.  

 If you’re looking to build on your in-store experience, get in contact with our team!