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The next generation design competition

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

For many of you finishing secondary school, this can be a difficult time and it may feel as if your future is being snatched away and replaced with uncertainty.

As tough as things may be right now, it is important to stay positive and use the time you have been given wisely and see how you can use this opportunity to your advantage.

We want to help give you a chance to succeed and support you now more than ever, that’s why we’re launching our Next Generation competition! We’re excited to uncover exceptional talent and give you the first step you need to succeed in our sector.

So, if you have imagination, innovation and passion to create amazing designs and prints, then look no further.

Our Next Generation competition will host two categories; one for design and one for engineering.

Creative Design Category

This category will be asking entrants to design a new campaign for a chosen brand, which can be a completely new concept or refreshing a current brand. We want to see you tackle logos, colours, fonts and various branding exercises.

Most importantly, we want to see designs that are full of inspiration and truly unique.

Engineering Category

We are always aiming to become more sustainable and so are many of our retail clients. That’s why we are asking entrants to put their eco skills to the test and develop a bespoke POS design that is made completely from cardboard.

We are looking for the next whizz in 3D design and cardboard engineering. These designs should represent strong technical expertise and the ability to transform ideas into models.

The Prize

Successful entrants will be competing for the grand prize of £250 and a month-long placement here at Imageco. You will have the opportunity to learn the ropes in your chosen field and will receive a certificate upon completion.

Sound interesting? Keep an eye out for further details in May when the competition goes live.

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