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Top 3 Examples of Creative Wide Format Print 

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Wide Format Print Leeds

Wide format print is the face of your brand, it’s what your customers see and it’s what gets you noticed. Take inspiration from the best examples of creative wide format print. Below is the pick of the bunch, our favourite examples. 

 Going Down to Elland Road - Leeds, Merrion Centre  

To showcase the best of the mighty whites, we decked out a blank canvas in association with LUFC supporters’ trust. For this we used wide format print on all four walls to encase the space in Leeds United’s rich history. Our favourite was the black and white print from the 1970’s, we used the iconic image of Don Revies’ boys doing their famous wave. The project encapsulated what it means to be Leeds, and it made the supporters very happy to see their team represented in such a stunning fashion. 


Sails and Seabirds, NHS Southampton  

Not many on this list are for such a purpose, however, our work for this one was for a truly meaningful reason. The Sails and Seabirds was a memorial to the countless donations from lifesaving organ donors. It featured huge wall mounted wide format print that spanned the length and the atrium. It brought colour and life to a blank space, to represent the life that was given by the generous donors. 

Artwork NHS

LGI’s Clarendon Wing, Leeds 

From NHS Southampton to a job a little closer to home, another wide format print Leeds job, at the LGI children’s ward. For this project, we received a very clear brief to improve the experience for children. A difficult task indeed. Our in-house designers worked round the clock to come up with designs that would instil fun and happiness into a place that typically lacked such things. We worked closely with the administrators and Banana Kick to settled on huge wide format print graphics that ran down the length of the ward. The smiles on the children’s faces were all the evidence needed for our team to know they had fulfilled the brief. 

Wide Format Print

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