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by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of San Francisco

Sarah Jane Palmer, of Muriel Designs, is an incredible artist and designer based in Sheffield. Her unique pattern-work utilises themes of eroticism, humour and visual trickery, and recently, the Imageco team were excited to collaborate with her for a big, overseas wallpaper project!


Sarah Jane Palmer’s intriguing, erotic pattern designs are definitely eye-catching, but her engaging work was uncovered accidentally.

“It wasn’t something I had planned as a career move. They evolved from commissions into a series of hand-printed wallpapers.

“I love drawing on ideas of humour and the element of surprise that can come from the process of creating these patterns. They have the power to trick and confuse us. When using patterns, you can play around with perceptions and take the viewer on an unexpected journey through the intricacies of line and form.”




We were contacted by Sarah Jane for help carrying out an overseas project in San Francisco. Her client had requested a piece of Sarah Jane’s mind-bending work, but asked it be digitally printed on vinyl for use in a commercial space as opposed to her usual raw, hand-printed work.

Sarah Jane had previously worked for the luxury interiors market for commissions in New York, Paris, Leipzig and Los Angeles, and her incredible work even saw her create the first hand-crafted, animated wallpaper that could combine traditional printing with modern tech. However, she had yet to apply her work to our incredible wide-format digital printers for commercial spaces…


The Imageco team were able to help Sarah Jane Palmer make the transition towards digitally printed designs. We made note of key briefing points from her client and ensured they were met. This included:

  • Product durability
  • Image quality

We also helped to ensure the artwork alignment was perfect and made-to-measure, while managing turn-around times and delivery to Sarah Jane’s San Francisco client.

The working process was a fun challenge for our team because we were able to work collaboratively with another artist. While we often work with local photographers, it’s always a great experience to be able to dive into an artist’s vision and work—in this case, Sarah Jane Palmer’s unusual, unique and unexpected erotic patterns.


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