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Wide Format Print for Your Small Business 

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. Without them, millions of jobs would be lost, and entire industries are unsustainable. From the humble convenience store to the specialist sporting goods purveyor, every small business has the same needs. Customers.  

These vital stakeholders make careful decisions every day where to spend their hard-earned money. To attract consistent customers and increase brand loyalty, businesses must constantly advertise their offerings while creating an atmosphere where customers enjoy being. One of the most important parts of the marketing mix is the physical environment, businesses benefit from making this as inviting and enjoyable as possible for visitors. Let your space do the selling for you, by making it a place that customers want to spend time, and more importantly money. 

Using Wide Format Print 

Wide-format print is perfect for decorating small businesses, the ease of manufacture, and application makes it a highly affordable and replaceable medium to use. Perfect for areas that need constant refreshment like retail and hospitality. The affordability aspect makes it especially suitable for small businesses, that are run on a tight budget, and often have small profit margins.  

Our commitment to sustainability cannot be overlooked, the immense benefits to using our wide format print products are clear for all to see, as 88% of customers agree they are more likely to be loyal to a business that supports environmental issues and a staggering 92% will trust a company with an environmental conscience. We offer 100% sustainable alternatives that help you achieve this incredible result. Our latest product is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, and as an added bonus we will plant a tree for every 10m2 you buy. Making redecoration a hugely marketable endeavour, something that every customer will appreciate. 

Show Me Examples! 

One of our latest jobs with the recycled bottle wallpaper was for Planet-U, a green energy supplier, who also supplied us with the 256 photovoltaic top tier solar panels for us to create green energy. We returned the favour and gave them an office refresh that made their HQ look truly stunning. The green flora designed print was simple yet striking. It took up the length of a whole wall and was created in one piece. Planet-U benefitted greatly from having their office reflect their green USP, this wide-format print gave their office a clear unmistakable identity. 

As you can probably tell, we love working with sustainable materials. That’s why our next example is another ultra-eco-friendly material. Beauty and the Beard is a Leeds based hair and beauty salon, for these guys we wrapped their entire shop floor in latex printed wallpaper. This wide-format print material addresses the full spectrum of health and environmental concerns from ink chemistry to indoor air quality. It is completely free of all toxic chemicals, meaning it’s perfect for use in enclosed spaces and in public spaces. 

Continuing the local theme, we go to Seven Video Productions. Our trusted video partner needed several filming backdrops as well as wallpaper with their branded values printed on it. We designed, produced, and installed wide-format print to provide both functionality and cosmetic approval for their team! Now they look as good as their videos. 



As with all wide-format print pieces, it transforms the space and creates a beautiful piece of art out of a blank canvas. With your inspiration and direction, we can create a bespoke artwork that will turn your small business into an on-brand sales and marketing tool. 

Find out how we can deliver this for you. Get in touch with our team today.