Keeping it Zoflora fresh at Crufts


The greatest dog show in the world

Network Design and Marketing asked us to collaborate with them again on an exciting project! For the last few years, we’ve helped them produce the Zoflora exhibition stand at Crufts. It’s no secret that Crufts is the greatest dog show in the world, so we had to pull something special out of the bag… how could we make it stand out (pun-intended) this year? The team came to us with initial ideas and a layout plan, we just needed to bring it to life, so, with the skilful team at hand, we nailed it!

Exhibition stands need to capture the attention of everyone passing by and with an event as big as Crufts, we had to consider the exhibition zone and how we could create a fully immersive area for guests. This year the stand was a monstrous 12m x 8m and was made up of four key areas:



This area allowed the products to be stocked on the stand. The products were fed from the storage area via a custom-made product dispenser built into the store room wall. The dispenser delivered the product directly behind the sales counter ensuring the sales team had easy access to stock.


The custom-made sales counters were built to include branding, integral cash drawers with storage areas.


Custom made sampling stations were built to include branding, an integral floral theme and product sampling cannisters. Each cannister contained a different scent that could be sniffed by both dogs and humans!


Marketing videos were displayed in this area, along with new product sampling stations and a photo opportunity next to the Giant Zoflora Bottle (yup, life-sized).

Jumbo props

We went all out! A giant polystyrene Zoflora bottle (as mentioned above), MDF scent dispensers were cladded in self-adhesive vinyl. A bespoke dog bowl made from reclaimed pallets and a giant fabric hanging frame was the most unique feature, it allowed people to photography any thirsty canines visiting the stand! We also created the main exhibition area with false wooden walls that were over 3m high. These were then cladded in grey backed Saturn wall coverings, along with MDF and Astroturf covered flooring.

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