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A Nightmare Before Christmas? It Need Not Be.

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Nightmare Before Christmas

Retail really shines at Christmas, nothing makes you feel more festive than walking around shops dressed in sparkling lights and snowy windows whilst wrapped up in your favourite winter coat, holding a hot chocolate. But Christmas can feel like a stressful time for new and small businesses. The festive season can have a significant impact on annual profits. Although 85% of shoppers say they try to support small businesses, only 25% of festive spending is expected to reach smaller firms as consumers opt for larger chains. 

Christmas Tick List 

The best way to attract customers to you is to develop your in-store festive experience. Although small businesses might not be able to plan as far ahead as larger chains (who are often prepped more than a year in advance). October is the perfect time to start pulling together your Christmas plan, doing a little prepping ahead of time will help you avoid the crazy rush in November.  

  • Make sure you set a budget and make sure it’s realistic, Christmas decs can get pricey fast!  
  • Do some market research. What do your customers want to see? 
  • Take a sneak peek for some inspiration. What are your competitors focussing on this year? What are some fun Christmas themes you could use? 
  • Get together your marketing and advertising materials. 
  • Organise inventory. Christmas will come around faster than you think so make sure you’re stocked up on all your best sellers! 
  • Christmas usually means Christmas packaging. Decide on how extravagant you want to go with packaging or even gift wrapping so you can order this in.  
  • Create your winter wonderland. We’re a big fan of going all out at Christmas so start planning your retail POS displays now! Or find a company you can work with to get designs together! 

Imagine a Christmas with Imageco  

Imageco can make all your Christmas fears disappear! We specialise in retail; we’ve been designing and creating engaging retail displays and graphics since day one. So you can trust our expertise. There’s no need to worry about not having everything laid out a year in advance with Imageco. We are fully prepared for fast-paced deliverables and our design team will be more than happy to work with you on ideas and design if you’re not sure where to start! 

We specialise in all forms of retail displays, from window displays and indoor POS to floor graphics and you can see some of our best work here. We will work with you on everything from start to finish, providing prototypes before production begins to ensure everything is perfect. Everything we produce will entice your customers and bring that real festive feeling.  

Best of all, we ensure we do everything we do with sustainability at the heart, to help you avoid the huge amounts of waste that can often come alongside Christmas season. You read our top tips on how to sustainably rotate your festive POS here. 


If you’d like Imageco to help make your Christmas dreams come true, don’t hesitate to contact us.