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How to Execute an International Retail Rollout

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Doc Martens retail POS

Launching in a new country can be momentous for any business, but visual displays can make or break a retailer’s debut.

Your retail displays serve as the first introduction to your brand for a fresh market of customers, so it’s crucial that they convey the right message.

Planning an international retail rollout can seem daunting, but it’s all about ensuring your display materials are of the highest standard, logistics are methodically managed, and the quality of your POS retail display is first-class.

Thankfully, that’s where we come in. At Imageco, we specialise in creating stunning displays for retailers. Our talented team at Imageco has been behind some of the most memorable retail displays on high streets around the globe.

Our extensive experience has provided us with insider knowledge, as well as industry tips and tricks to ensure a smooth retail rollout!

Planning the Elements

As mentioned previously, your store’s visuals create the first impression for your customers, making it pivotal to plan out exactly what elements your store needs.

Eastpak x Aries Retail POS


Do you need signage, POS retail displays, floor designs, window displays, or wall graphics? Each can have a different impact on your space. For example, effective POS displays can highlight key products, direct customers’ attention, and boost sales.

Imageco has produced show-stopping retail POS displays for some of the biggest retailers on the market. We work to convey your brand, which is exactly what we did when working on a special collaboration between Eastpak and Aries. In this case, the client opted for more of an industrial look with custom-painted trollies and foliage displays to convey Eastpak’s backpacker background.

When choosing your components, consider your brand and your customers. Ensure that you are tailoring your visuals to align with your target audience. It’s essential to research the print options available for your store and explore their appearance to ensure they effectively convey your brand’s message.

Remember, there is such a thing as too much!

Grand Designs

The design aspect of any project is key, especially in retail spaces where much of the engagement is visual.

While it’s important to decide the POS needed for your store, you should also consider how you want it to look.

Consider details such as:

  • Colour palettes (the Pantone shades)
  • Graphic design styles
  • The imagery you need
  • The copy to be featured
  • The sizing of the retail space

As well as any interactive elements.

For international retail rollouts, it’s a great idea to make your design region-specific, for example, it could celebrate your new store and welcome new customers. To add to this, many retailers actually choose to incorporate their new location into their graphic designs or wall writings, adopting local languages and styles.

Creative design is another service Imageco excels in.

Our team of knowledgeable in project managers have worked on some of the biggest retail brands on the market. We collaborate with design agencies across the UK to bring some of the biggest visions to life. (Not to name drop, but we’ve partnered with The North Face, Doc Martens and Adidas and hit the mark each time) Our thorough consultation ensures you have the exact imagery and graphics conceptualised, refined, and delivered.

Style AND Substance

Glossy graphics and bold lettering are great, but what about the materials?

With 65% of retailers shifting to sustainable materials, it’s clear that consumers now care more about the environment. Reflecting sustainability in your store can resonate with your customers’ values.

To deliver a successful international rollout, this is certainly something to consider. For example, European consumers feel strongly about sustainable options and their spending habits reflect this, with a growing number willing to pay more for sustainable options.

Sustainable materials can also stand the test of time if maintained well, and Imageco are industry-leaders in sustainable POS retail displays. Take a look at our case study, where we delivered a great project for Doc Martens, producing eco-friendly, tailor-made POS for their Carnaby store in London – designed to fit their sustainability ethos.

Taking Your POS Retail Displays Global

Handling the logistics of POS retail displays and international installation can be quite a challenge. Transporting complex and heavy displays, along with the logistics of the process is often more time-consuming and intricate than anticipated.

If you are rolling out a campaign, logistics can become even more challenging, especially if you have multiple stores going live on the same date. Coordinating deliveries, installations, and ensuring consistency across locations requires meticulous planning and seamless execution.

With preparations, schedules, and deadlines looming, why not leave the stress to the specialists?

Imageco now offers international installation for retail displays. We manage your retail POS display project from inception to opening day, ensuring it’s in the most capable hands. Our team takes care of every detail, from design and logistics to installation and final touches, so you can focus on your busy shop floor.

Check out the project we delivered for The North Face where we worked to a tight deadline, from having their prototypes signed off, to an international rollout in 2 weeks! We built, delivered, and installed in Spain, Germany, and Italy. The Imageco team is unstoppable!

So if you’re taking your retail business international or you’re a retail store with international locations, leave your visuals to the specialists. Contact us today to discuss all your retail POS needs.