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Innovation in the Billboard Market

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Picture of a COACH Billboard

Billboards were beginning to be seen as a tired form of marketing, but now the game is changing, and billboard is back!  

This new era of billboard advertising is invading street corners, high streets or even festivals. And with an incredible 26% of consumers visiting a store as the result of seeing an out-of-home advertisement, it’s no wonder it’s making a comeback! 

We can always appreciate other brands’ craft. And some of the innovation going on within the billboard market currently is too good to ignore. We’re seeing mixed media, 3D elements and interactive billboards popping up all over the shop. So, we’ve highlighted some of our favourites carried out by others. 

Health is Wealth

We love the addition of floral or greenery within our projects, and KIND’s latest out-of-home promotions have taken it that extra step to use actual fruit as well as their own snack bars that passers-by can grab for a snack. The health-conscious company’s campaign is designed to promote having more fruit and nuts in your diet to London commuters. This is a great example of how interactive marketing can be created by stepping away from the traditional 2D billboard structure. 


Playing with Shadows

Another billboard we love that can be described as no less than absolutely phenomenal design work was the Dracula advertisement for BBC. During the day you might not have thought much of the billboard as it appears to simply be stakes stuck into the wall, but at night a strategically placed light brought the scene alive with a snarling fanged Dracula side profile created by the brilliantly placed 3D stakes. 

dracula billboard

Musical Marketing

At a glance, this Audible retro-style cassette player billboard may look great, but if you look a little closer it gets even better. The billboard actually works as a giant working audio book in which passers-by can interact by scanning the QR code which takes them to a dedicated audible page where they can listen to a true crime podcast ’93 women’. 

This is a fantastic way to encourage people to try out audio books and something we are sure turned a lot of consumers on to the true crime series.  

Audio Billboard

An Upvote for Reddit

Another brand leading the game on interactive billboard marketing is Reddit. Reddit’s social media site sees users post comments and opinions which other viewers can vote up or down on. So, at the Cannes festival, they recreated this in a physical sense through their billboards. Passers-by were able to vote up and down on the opinion shared on the board at that moment and see a tally number change as they voted.  

Interactive Billboard

Award Winning Creativity

 We love to see this kind of imagination and progression going on throughout the market, even if it’s not our own. But we’re not shy in saying that our creative team is second to none. If you’re feeling as inspired as we are by some of the unique print creations going on within the billboard market and want to inject a little extra creativity into your next project, contact our team.