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How Cardboard Engineering Can Reinvent your Exhibition Stand

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Antalis Cardboard Exhibition Stand

Cardboard Engineering; the new sustainability hot topic in the print industry. We know cardboard is one of the more ‘green’ materials you can use, in fact it’s such a high-quality material that it can be recycled multiple times! Read our blog on ‘What is Cardboard Engineering?’ to learn more about the service. At Imageco, we can use cardboard engineering as an option for multiple solutions, such as:

  • POS
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Props
  • Furniture
  • Short Run Packaging

But with events finally starting to kick back off again, we thought we’d focus in on how you can reinvent your exhibition stand with cardboard engineering.

Cardboard Engineering: Designs that sell 

Opportunities are seemingly endless with cardboard engineering. Whatever your idea may be, our engineer can breathe life into it through cardboard. Utilising CAD (computer-aided design) we can take 2D sheets of cardboard and develop them into 3D designs that you’d never believe were once flat objects. The designs can be printed with bright, attention-grabbing colours and scenes that will have people questioning how you built such an awesome stand from such a humble base material.

The Nitty Gritty

One of the most important aspects of utilising cardboard engineering, is the engineering! The standard of engineering knowledge required to build such masterpieces is just as important as within any other engineering sector. There’s a large amount of consideration and design needed to take flat objects and turn them into 3D creations, the slightest mistake in print or cutting can take a world class stand and make it look like your primary school art project. (That’s why we’ve only hired the best engineers for the job). They stand are much more durable than you also may expect and can be taken down and reused.

Our engineers can do almost anything. Want a seating area building? No problem. Looking to add 3D aspects into your backdrop? You got it! When we say the possibilities are endless, we really mean it.

Engineering Easy Peasy Cardboard Exhibitions

The possibilities available with Cardboard Engineering are truly sensational, and the benefits and ease created by it for our customers just makes it that much more exciting for us to offer.

First of all, there’s the weight element. Building your exhibition stand from cardboard reduces a huge amount of the weight in comparison to traditional materials such as MDF, timber and metal. This not only means that transportation is much easier, but it also reduces the carbon footprint created from transportation. And we’re always looking for ways to help our customers be that little bit greener.

Then there’s ease of install. Using traditional and heavier materials means you’ll need a good amount of manpower to get your stand up and running. But you’re definitely not going to need multiple people to lift a sheet of cardboard (we’d hope).

Finally, cardboard engineering based exhibition stands need simply slotting together, no need for any binder.

For the Love of Sustainability

As you would expect, our focus when developing our abilities in Cardboard Engineering was to offer another ‘greener’ option. There is a huge amount of sustainability benefits in choosing cardboard engineering for your next exhibition stand. From the reduced carbon footprint to the recyclability. Really, there’s no downside.

So, if you’ve got some events coming up and are looking for a creative yet more sustainable option, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your options!