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Signage that Separates the Ritz from the Rest

by Nathan Swinson-Bullough

Hotel Signage

With worldwide travel restrictions in place, the British public is turning to staycations. Safer, more reliable holiday destinations that are on our doorsteps. To take advantage of all this trade, UK hotels need to up their game and refresh their signage to get a piece of the action. Refreshed hotel signage and décor can lead to top reviews and repeat visits, as well as sustained increased in new business from people who had previously written off your venue as a destination. Your new look could contribute to bringing in more revenue, through increased brand awareness. Something that would be very much welcome in these difficult times. 

Your hotel should be a mecca, where your guests flood to in droves. Create a memorable experience by branding your site using signage, from the inside out. 

Internal hotel signage 

The interior is where your guests will spend most of their time while at your hotel. It makes sense to keep this looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible, while creating a seamless branded experience for the visitors. 

Our internal signage options are seemingly endlessa few options we suggest would be; architectural vinyl in the bar area to create stunning visual artwork, or wide format print in the gym to give the fitness fans a suitable environment to pump iron, or even using one-piece wall coverings in the guest bedrooms to generate a modern, vibrant vibe. These features in conjunction with branded wayfinding, safety signage and nameplates would give the very best impression to your guests. 

External hotel signage 

While internal signage is incredibly important, external signage is still the first and last thing they see. It should wow your guests. A few exciting options for the exterior of your hotel would be; built up LED illuminated letting to welcome your guests, external wayfinding totem signage on the drive, or even branded doorway and window signage to let your guests know where to go. 

For examples of how effective branding can transform a business, check out our wall graphic page. 


How many of your guests do you think can identify Coca-Cola? Or Pepsi? Over 94% of the world’s population can recognise Coca-Cola! Their relentless imagery has been played to us since 1892, they spend over $3 billion a year on branding. They are a perfect case study on how effective brand presence can be. 

Guests at your hotel are an audience in waiting, take advantage of the opportunity to spread your name into their minds and get them returning year after year. Use signage to do a Coca-Cola and become synonymous with a good time spent at your hotel. This can be done with a combination of external lettering, welcome signage, branded wayfaring signage and bespoke window vinyl. 

We’re not just a branding and signage firm though, we offer a full-service package. We have an in-house team built up of creative design experts, production managers, and installers that can roll out print and signage anywhere across the UK. We also specialise in project management, so we know how to get the job done.

To refit or refresh any part of your hotel Get in touch with our team.